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Prague, the capital of Bohemia and the third largest town in Austria-Hungary, is situated on the Moldau, 220 miles from Vienna and 120 from Dresden. It has a picturesque appearance from the beauty of its site and numerous towers, more than 70 in number, which rise above the many noble palaces, public buildings and bridges. The fortifications have been gradually demolished since 1866. The university, founded in 1348, received a new constitution in 1881, and has two co-ordinate sides or sections, one German and one Czech, the former with 150 teachers and 1,534 students and the other with 173 teachers and 3,875 students. There also is a government technical high school, with 1,300 students and German and Bohemian teachers. The city has been ravaged by wars, and here peace treaties have been enacted, notably that of 1635 between Ferdinand II and the Elector of Saxony and that of 1866 between Prussia and Austria, when the latter ceded her rights in Schleswig-Holstein and paid a war indemnity of $15,000,000. Population 228,645.