The New Student's Reference Work/Taft, Lorado

Taft, Lora′do, American sculptor, was born at Elmwood, Ill., April 29, 1860, and graduated at the University of Illinois and at École des Beaux Arts, Paris.  In 1886 he settled in Chicago, and became instructor in its Art Institute and lecturer on art at the University-Extension-Department of the University of Chicago.  He has produced many busts and ideal subjects, and among other fine decorative work of his was that of the horticultural building of the Columbian exposition.  The symbolic beauty and fine workmanship of these decorations won great praise.  Among his many works are a bust of Schuyler Colfax in Indianapolis, a statue of General Grant and the fine reliefs for the Michigan regimental monuments on the field of Gettysburg.  Mr. Taft is a member of the American Sculpture Society and of the Western Society of Artists.