The New Student's Reference Work/Tarkington, Newton Booth

2465388The New Student's Reference Work — Tarkington, Newton Booth

Tark′ington, Newton Booth, American novelist, was born at Indianapolis, Ind., on July 29, 1869, and graduated at Princeton in 1893. When, later, pursuing a business career, he discovered gifts in himself as a writer, especially of realistic and romantic stories. His first notable work, The Gentleman from Indiana, met with instant success, and was followed in 1900 by Monsieur Beaucaire, a novelette subsequently dramatized and produced on the stage by Richard Mansfield. In 1902 appeared The Two Vanrevels, in 1903 Cherry, in 1905 The Conquest of Canaan and The Beautiful Lady, besides In the Arena: Tales of Political Life. In 1902 he entered practical politics as a member of the Indiana legislature.