The New Student's Reference Work/Teniers, David

1932515The New Student's Reference Work — Teniers, David

Teniers (tĕn′yērz), David, The Younger, was born at Antwerp in 1610. His father, also a well-known painter, gave him his first lessons in art. He soon showed a genius, greater than his father's but in the same line, as a colorist and painter of the scenes and incidents of ordinary country-life. He became the most popular of Flemish painters, and was kept busy to meet the demand for his pictures. The governor of the Spanish Netherlands made him gentleman of his bedchamber, and the king of Spain set apart a special gallery for his works. In spite of the number of his paintings — over 1,000 — they bring very high prices. Among them are The Village Wedding, The Bagpipe-Player and The Misers. Teniers died near Brussels, April 25, 1690.