The New Student's Reference Work/Texarkana, Ark. and Tex.

The New Student's Reference Work  (1914) 
Texarkana, Ark. and Tex.

Tex′arkan′a, Ark., and Tex., two neighboring cities on the boundary between Arkansas and Texas, one in Bowie County, Tex., the other in Millie County, Ark., on the Texas and Pacific; St. Louis, Iron Mt. and Southern; Kans. City, Pittsburg and Gulf; and St. Louis Southwestern railways, 64 miles north northwest of Shreveport, La., and 145 southwest of Little Rock, Ark. The two cities, though adjoining and on the same railroads, have distinct municipal governments, and each has a large trade in cotton, cottonseed-oil, sewer-piping and lumber. The industrial plants of the combined cities embrace railway-shops, furniture and pottery works and lumber-mills. The local post-office is on the state-line between the two towns, while there are two city-halls and public offices, and each has its own school organizations. Combined population 15,405.