The New Student's Reference Work/Yale University

Yale U'niver'sity, at New Haven, Conn., is one of the oldest and most famous of educational institutions in the United States. It was founded in 1701 as the Collegiate School of Connecticut, and was at Saybrook until 1716, when it was removed to New Haven. In 1718 the name was changed to Yale College, in recognition of large gifts from Elihu Yale of London. This name was changed by statute to Yale University in 1887. Besides the academical department, still designated as Yale College, it has Sheffield Scientific School, a graduate school, a divinity school, a medical school, a law school, a school of art and a school of music. In all its departments it is thoroughly equipped and amply endowed. Its libraries contain 500,000 volumes. The faculty numbers 390, with an attendance of 3,282 students in 1910.