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The New Student's Reference Work/Young, Mrs. Ella Flagg

Young, Mrs. Ella Flagg, city superintendent of Chicago schools (1901- ) and one of the most distinguished of living educators, was born in Buffalo (1845). Mrs. Young, then Miss Flagg, graduated from the Chicago High and Chicago Normal Schools, received her Ph. D. from Chicago University and LL. D. from the University of Illinois. In 1868 she married William Young. She became successively assistant superintendent of district schools, professor of education in the University of Chicago, principal of the Chicago Normal School and finally city superintendent. She was elected president of the National Educational Association (1910-11). Mrs. Young is a member of the Political Equality League and the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association. Her works on education are among the most profound as well as practical contributions to the science. They include: Isolation in the School, Ethics in the School, Some Types of Modern Educational Theory.