The Pearl Among the Virtues

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Pearl Among the Virtues


Words of Advice to Christian Youth.

By P. A. De DOSS,
Of the Society of Jesus.

Translated from the Original German,

By a Catholic Priest.

All good things came to me together with her.—Wisd. vii, 11.

Published by John Murphy & Co.
182 Baltimore Street.

Cum Permissu Cum Permissu
P. J. Baltes,
Episc. Alton. Episc. Alton.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1877, by

John Murphy,

in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.


The law of the 4th of July, which suppressed the Society of Jesus within the new German empire, is well known. Being condemned to involuntary leisure by the unjust application of this law, being banished from the school-room, from the pulpit, from the confessional, yea, even driven away from the altar, and from the sphere of long continued activity, chased from place to place: writing is my only means of intercourse with those who once were so near to me. And yet, when could I have experienced greater pleasure in communicating with you, my young friends, in directing kind words of warning, of advice, of consolation, and of encouragement to you, than now? These pages are, therefore, dedicated to you; to you whose youth is a witness to so many struggles, to you who must be deeply impressed with the thought: this warfare around me is for interests which are also mine; it is a warfare in which, although young, I must, by a firm adherence to my faith, strive to obtain the mastery over my passions, and perfect myself in all things; I desire to become a man in the full sense of the word; no storm, be it ever so violent, shall sweep me away from the immovable Rock of Christ, which is the One, Holy, Catholic Church.

Therefore, at times, in moments of leisure, take these words of advice, read a chapter now and then, and reflect upon it; apply it to yourself, and ask God to give you the grace not only to understand what you read, but also to practice it: "Domine ut videam—et agam." In exile, during the winter 1872–73. P. A. de Doss.


When I first read the "Gedenkblätter," or words of advice, of the celebrated P. A. de Doss, I felt a strong desire of having them placed within reach of the youth of this country. I believed they would be productive of much good to our young people, especially to those preparing themselves in our colleges and seminaries for their future positions in life. But as I knew no one who would be willing to undertake the task of translating this little book, (a task not altogether light, on account of the original being written in very idiomatic German, often difficult to translate,) I undertook the work myself, and now offer the fruit of my labor to the youth of this country. A few times, I found it necessary to give a rather free translation, and in two instances, I chose examples different from those of the author, better to illustrate a given text. I am confident, if the kind reader will follow the advice of the much experienced author, and read attentively one or another chapter, at the same time asking God to give him grace to understand what he reads, and also to practice it, my labor in translating these words of advice will be amply rewarded: for he will be inspired with a great love for that holy virtue which is so necessary for every youth, and so dear to Our Lord that He vouchsafed to give it a special blessing: "Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see. God." The Translator.

May, 1877.

CONTENTS. Chap. Page. I. Chastity, the Light of Youth, . 13 II. Chastity Praised in the Holy Scrip- ture, 20 III. Chastity Extolled by the Example of Christ, 26 IV. Chastity Praised by the Doctors of the Church, .... 33 V. Chastity, Praiseworthy in Itself, . 38 VI. Chastity, Sublime in its Relations to the Angels, .... 46 VII. Chastity Commendable, on account' of the Combats by which it is Preserved, and Recovered when Lost, 60 VIII. Chastity a most Precious, but Fra- gile Vessel, .... 68 IX. Chastity a Lily, .... 64 ix CONTENTS. Chap. Page. X. Chastity a Pearl, .... 70 XI. Chastity, the Fruit of the Fear of God, . • 76 XII. Chastity, the Fruit of a Great Love for God, 82 XIII. Chastity, the Fruit of a Frequent Examination of Conscience, . 88 XIY. Chastity, the Fruit of Persevering Watchfulness, .... 94 XY. Chastity, the Fruit of a Prudent Severity, 101 XYI. Chastity, the Fruit of Prayer, . 107 XYII. Chastity, the Fruit of the Sacra- ment of Penance, . . ,113 XYIII. Chastity, the Fruit of Childlike Simplicity, . . . . .119 XIX. Chastity, the Fruit of the Bread of Angels, 127 XX. Chastity, the Keward of Meditation upon the Sufferings of Jesus, . 133 XXI. Chastity, the Fruit of Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 140 XXII. Chastity, the Fruit of the Devo- tion to the Blessed Yirgin Mary, 146 CONTENTS. XI Chap. Page. XXIII. Chastity, the Fruit of the Imita- tion of the Saints, . . .163 XXIV. Chastity, the Reward of sincerity of Heart, . . . . . 160 XXV. Chastity, the Fruit of the Con- tempt of the World, . . .167 XXVI. Chastity, the Fruit of Great Pre- caution in our Dealings with Men, 173 XXVII. Chastity, the Fruit of Industry, XXVIII. Chastity, the Fruit of Unceasing Combat, .... XXIX. Chastity, the Fruit of Generous Self-denial, XXX. Chastity, the Source of Internal Peace, .... XXXI. Chastity, the Source of a Holy Cheerfulness, XXXII. Chastity, the Source of many Tern poral Blessings, . XXXIII. Chastity, the Source of Spiritual Strength and Vigor, . XXXIV. Chastity, the Source of a Salutary Influence upon others. 178 186 195 201 207 213 219 226 Xll CONTENTS. Chap. Page. XXX Y. Chastity, the Source which brings forth a correct Decision in re- gard to the Future, . . . 235 XXXyi. Chastity, the Source of many Con- solations in After Life, . . 243 XXXVII. Chastity, the Source of Special Be- lief at the All-important Hour of Death, 250 XXXYIII. Chastity, the Source of a Special Glory in the Kingdom of Heaven, 257

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