The Periplus of Hanno/Chapter 11


Herodotus, iv, 196:

"The Carthaginians further say that beyond the Pillars of Hercules there is a region of Libya, and men who inhabit it; when they arrive among these people and have unloaded their merchandise, they set it in order on the shore, go on board their ships and make a great smoke; that the inhabitants, seeing the smoke, come down to the sea, and then deposit gold in exchange for the merchandise, and withdraw to some distance from the merchandise; that the Carthaginians, going ashore, examine the gold, and if the quantity seems sufficient for the merchandise, take it up and sail away; but if it is not sufficient, they go on board their ships again and wait; the natives then approach and deposit more gold, until they have satisfied them; neither party ever wrongs the other; for they do not touch the gold before it is made adequate to the value of the merchandise, nor do the natives touch the merchandise before the other party has taken the gold."

The Periplus of Hanno - Mediterranean Galley of the period of Hanno's Periplus.png

Mediterranean Galley of the period of Hanno's Periplus
Redrawn from a Greek Vase in the Metropolitan Museum, New York.

The Periplus of Hanno - Mediterranean Sailing Vessel.png

Mediterranean Sailing Vessel
From a Mosaic of Carthage in the Roman Period
In the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia