The Perth gazette, and independent journal of politics and news/Volume 3/7 June 1850

The arrival of the Scindian with the first batch of convicts and the staff of officers for the formation of the Penal Establishment took place on Saturday last, the 22nd anniversary of the foundation of the colony — a curious coincidence and a very fit day for the commencement of the new order of things. She has had a quick passage of 88 days from Portsmouth, which she left on the 4th March. The number of passengers is 277, of which seven are cabin, including Dr Gibson, R.N., Surgeon Superintendent, Capt. Henderson, R.E., Superintendent of the Convict Establishment, lady and child, Mr and Mrs Dickson and two children, Mr and Mrs Manning and two children; steerage, 75 convicts, 54 pensioners with wives and families and 14 emigrant young women.

The Scindian is the first of four vessels taken up by the Home Government for the conveyance of convicts hither, one to sail each month during the three following months.