The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898/Volume 1/Documents regarding the Line of Demarcation

The Philippine Islands, 1493–1803, Volume 1
edited by Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson


  • Papal bulls: Inter cætera (May 3), Eximiæ (May 3), Inter cætera (May 4), Extension de la concesion (September 25)—1493.
  • Treaty of Tordesillas—June 7, 1494.
  • [Note on correspondence of Jaime Ferrer—1493–95]
  • Compact between the Catholic Sovereigns and the King of Portugal—April 15, 1495.
  • Papal bull, Præcelsæ—November 3, 1514.
  • Instructions from the King of Spain to his ambassadors—February 4, 1523.
  • Letter from Cárlos I to Juan de Zúñiga—December 18, 1523.
  • Treaty of Vitoria—February 19, 1524.
  • Junta of Badajoz: extract from the records (April 14–May 13), opinions of cosmographers (April 13–15), letters to the Spanish delegates (March 21, April 10)—1524.
  • Treaty of Zaragoza—April 22, 1529.

Sources: See Bibliographical Data at end of this volume.

Translations: The Papal Bulls are translated by Rev. Thomas Cooke Middleton, D.D., O.S.A.; the Treaty of Zaragoza, by José M. Asensio; the remaining documents of this group are compiled, translated, and arranged by James A. Robertson.