The Portuguese Expedition to Abyssinia in 1541–1543

The Portuguese Expedition to Abyssinia in 1541–1543  (1902)  by Miguel de Castanhoso, translated by R. S. Whiteway

Hakluyt Society second series no. X

  • Chapter X Of how D. Christovão pitched his Camp on the skirts of the Hill, and of how he took Order to attack it.
  • Chapter XI Of how the Portuguese attacked this Hill and captured it, with the Death of some.
  • Chapter XII Of how D. Christovão in nearing the plains of Jarte, met an Ambassador from the Preste, and of the Warning received that the King of Zeila was near.
  • Chapter XIII Of the Embassy the King of Zeila sent to D. Christovão.
  • Chapter XIV Of how D. Christovão fought the first Battle with the King of Zeila, in which the Moor was defeated and wounded by a matchlock Bullet.
  • Chapter XV Of the Second Battle which D. Christovão fought with the King of Zeila, in which the King was defeated.
  • Chapter XVI Of how, on the arrival of the Barnaguais and of the Portuguese, D. Christovão followed in pursuit of the King of Zeila.
  • Chapter XVII Of what D. Christovão did that Winter, and of how he Captured a very strong Hill which had belonged to a Jew Captain.
  • Chapter XVIII Of how there was a Battle between D. Christovão and the King of Zeila, in which D. Christovão was defeated.
  • Chapter XIX Of how the Moors, following D. Christovão, found him, and seized him, and of How he Died.
  • Chapter XX Of how some one hundred and twenty Portuguese collected with the Queen, and of how the Preste arrived at the Hill of the Jews, where the Queen, his Mother, and the Portuguese were awaiting him.
  • Chapter XXI Of the Reception the Portuguese gave the Preste; and of how after the Meetings we determined to all go and revenge the Death of D. Christovão.
  • Chapter XXII Of how the Preste began to march with the Portuguese and found the King of Zeila encamped on the Lake of the Nile; and of the method the King of Zeila adopted to kill the Captain of the Preste's Camp.
  • Chapter XXIII Of how the Preste and the King of Zeila fought a Battle in which the Moors were defeated and the King slain.
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