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It is well known that the oldest of all the sciences in the world is the science of life, Ayurveda.

Traditionally it is believed that Maharishi Bharadwaja was the first human being to have been deputed to acquire the first knowledge of Science of Life Ayurveda from Indra, the king of gods.

Indra is supposed to have acquired this knowledge from Ashwins and they from Prajapati. Finally it is from Brahma that this supreme knowledge was acquired. Brahma is stated to have acquired this knowledge as Revealation through Yogic Samadhi. Thus, even though, it was revealed knowledge, revealed in deep yogic state of Samadhi, this knowledge of Ayurveda or Science of Life was enriched later by the practical and experimental means, adhering to the `Scientific Method’ of the Modern Science, an essential requirement for the development of any Science.

The scientific method of Modern Science is founded on the principle of (a) Observation (b) Hypothesis / anti-thesis (c) Experimentation and (d) Proof. Was the Scientific method of Modern science followed by Ayurveda? The answer is `yes’ – The notion of Hypothesis was known in Ayurvedic texts as Charaka Samhita as “Ooha” and the anti-thesis was called “Apoha”.

Thus we find that both hypothesis and anti-thesis were used along with observations and experimentation. Therefore, we have to conclude that `revealed knowledge’ was continuously enriched by experimentation along with the appropriate hypothesis, which can be generalized into the laws of science when supported by `proof’. What is the `proof’ in a medical science such as `Ayurveda’? The proof is its efficacy – the treatment – the cure or prevention of a disease or malady. We all know that Ayurveda indeed works – the treatment has its beneficial results – even today. Ayurveda is the oldest medical system of the world, which works even today – The therapy and cure are universally known.

Among all the tests (or proofs) the test of the time is the most challenging. Survival of the fittest – Ayurveda has survived the test of the time – not for a few centuries (as in the case of other medical systems) but for thousands of years – for millennia altogether! Which medical system has survived the test of the time, more than Ayurveda?