The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787/Volume 3/Appendix A/CCLXXIII

ⅭⅭⅬⅩⅩⅢ. Secretary of State: Convention Papers Received from President Washington.[1]

Department of State March 19. 1796.

Received from the President of the U. States this journal of the general or fœderal convention, in one hundred & fifty three pages; together with a journal of the proceedings of the Committee of the Whole House; a book exhibiting on eight pages a detail of yeas & nays on questions taken in the Convention & two loose sheets & a half sheet, containing nine pages of the like yeas and nays; a printed draught of the Constitution; a sheet marked No 1. exhibiting the state of the resolutions submitted to the consideration of the House by Mr Randolph, as agreed to in a Committee of the whole house; another sheet, marked No 2. exhibiting the state of those resolutions as altered, amended & agreed to in a Committee of the whole House; and seven other papers, marked No 3. No 4. No 5. No 6. No 7. No 8. & No 9. of no consequence in relation to the proceedings of the Convention, but which are on file with the printed draught of the Constitution and the papers marked No 1. & No 2.

The leaf containing the pages of this journal numbered 151 & 152, was loose; it had plainly been torn from the place where it is now inserted following page 150.—

Timothy Pickering,
Secy of State.

  1. Documentary History of the Constitution, Ⅰ, 47.