The Road To Hell

The Road to Hell

Along the road that leads to Hell

We strode, a merry band,

Sargon and Nero, Jezabel

Cain with his bloody hand

We shuffled through the scarlet dust,

A roaring, careless throng;

Red mountains bowed before our lust,

We shook the stars with song.

Red cinder showers rose and fell,

As with a furious din

We battered at the gates of Hell,

Roaring to be let in.

Then Satan rose in angry pride:

“Who comes in such rude way?”

“The souls are we, who would not bide

“Until the Judgment Day.”

“Let saints and friars meekly sleep

“Till Gabriel’s trumpets boom;

“But we, whose souls be red and deep,

“Go laughing to our doom!”

“Red laughter, salt with savage brine,

“From crimson seas of sin!

“Unbar the brazen gates, you swine,

“And let your masters in!”

“Shackled on earth by fate and star,

“We writhed beneath the rods;

“But by the gods, in death we are

“The rulers of the gods!”