The Russian Review/Volume 1/February 1916/War Cartoons


War Cartoons.

(From "Satirikon," Petrograd.)


RR v01 d069 merchant to the generalissimo - cartoon.jpg

The Merchant to the Generalisimo: Perhaps our combined smoke will prove more effective than the poisonous fumes.



RR v01 d070 recruting officer and recruit - cartoon.jpg

The Recruiting Officer: How can you go into the army? You can hardly be seen from the ground. The Youthful Aspirant: Isn't that the chief qualification of a scout?



RR v01 d070 war correspondent - cartoon.jpg

War Correspondent, (dictating to his stenographer): I am sitting in a captured trench, astride an Austrian gun. Dense smoke envelops me. A little to one side, a machine gun is clicking rapidly...



RR v01 d075 two german officers - cartoon.jpg

"Why do you look so thin and discouraged, Fritz?" "Oh, we've just defeated the Russians."


RR v01 d075 precious wood is to be guarded.jpg

Wood is so expensive nowadays, that it must be well guarded when carried from one end of the town to another.