The Souvenir of Western Women/Gillespie School of Expression

The Souvenir of Western Women  (1905) 
Gillespie School of Expression

Gillespie School of Expression


ESTABLISHED in 1900, and the first institution in Oregon to be devoted exclusively to the study of the science and art of expression, the Gillespie School is widely known, and has the patronage of some of the brightest and most gifted young people of the Pacific Northwest.

It is the design of the school to give to its pupils such physical, mental, esthetic, and moral training as will fit them for the better pursuance of any vocation. "Growth" is the school-room motto, and as true growth is a development from within, not an outside accretion, the instruction is adapted to the requirements of the individual.

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The course of training offered by the school is suited to those who are preparing for platform work, either as reader or speaker; to all who would become teachers of elocution, oratory, reading or literature; to those of all ages who are interested in the acquirement of physical health, beauty and grace, and bodily responsiveness, and likewise to that large number of non-professionals who aspire to a wider field of culture, and a fuller development of their inherent powers.

Good library facilities, instructive and entertaining lectures, art studies, repertoire classes, and ample opportunity for public practice are provided for all regular students.

In addition to its purely educational advantages, the social and moral atmosphere of the school is of a high grade, tending to the building of character, the refinement of manners, and the cultivation of the real amenities of life.

On the satisfactory completion of one of the three full courses, each of which embraces two years' work, students are granted, respectively, a Teacher's, Reader's or Speaker's Diploma. Partial courses are arranged for those who are not looking forward to graduation. Two years of post-graduate study and practice entitles the student to a Professional Diploma.

"The end and aim of all our work is the harmonious
growth of the whole being."—Froebel.