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The Souvenir of Western Women/Home Life of Eva Emery Dye

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The Home Life of Eva Emery Dye

NEAR and far has radiated the genius of Oregon's gifted author, Eva Emery Dye—even to lands beyond the seas. Wherever her books are read, the charm of the spirit that enlivens every page is felt: but within her home in Oregon City, overlooking the Willamette, beams the effulgence of mother love and wifely devotion. The world has the author, but the home holds the wife and mother. Out from this realm, hallowed by love and made merry by the prattle and song of children, have come two of the most widely read books the Oregon Country has produced. These books have brought before a remote public the early

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heroes of the West. The author has painted these heroes in the coloring of her rich imagination, and adorned with grace of expression the life history of those who first broke the silence of the wilderness with the heraldry of civilization.

The influence of the author's personality directs in a measure the reader's trend of thought. Happy is it if the written page has embalmed the sentiments of truth and of right; more important far is the spirit that dominates the home, for wider into the world reach the waves it sets in motion. The sweet home life of Eva Emery Dye will continue to live in the lives of her children. To the world it affords the testimony that women, who would send abroad a message and earn undying fame, need not divorce themselves from home life nor avoid that most sacred function, motherhood, but through the faithful discharge of these high offices gain a fullness of soul that may enkindle in the minds of their readers aspirations for higher and holier living.

M. O. D.