The Souvenir of Western Women/Illustrative Shorthand

To fit the girls for self-support, training in domestic science is given insofar as means and circumstances will permit. A systematic domestic training school is hoped for in the near future.

The sick in the home have been attended by physicians of the city gratuitously.

For a few years a donation from the state was given the home, though for the greater part it has been supported through the efforts of the society and the munificence of the people. Several liberal bequests have been made, and the home now has an endowment fund, which is under the management of the board of trustees, the personnel of which has remained unchanged, save when a member has been removed by death. Mrs. Mary Holbrook, a woman divinely appointed, it would seem, for this work, served as president of the society for thirty years. Her term, too, closed only at the Master's call, "Come up higher."

The work of the relief society has not been confined to the maintenance of the home. Until the support by the state was withdrawn and the work of the home had grown into large proportions, the society attended systematically to its first work, ward visiting, thereby keeping in touch with the poor families of the city and ministering to their wants intelligently.

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Linda Bronson-Salmon, nee Pennington, whose portrait appears with this article, is the author of a popular and unique text-book on Illustrative Shorthand, and is the originator of the only Unvocalized System of Shorthand ever published, where the vowels were discarded from start to finish. This work was copyrighted in 1888, and a revised second edition in 1900.

This system is founded on the Ben Pitman System, simplified, classified and arranged, but with such eliminations and additions as are made imperative by the demand of the day for accuracy and speed. This not only simplifies the method employed, but shortens the process of acquiring a working knowledge of it, as the complete course, including Commercial Correspondence. Law Phrasing, Editorial and General Reporting, is completed in twelve weeks, with a movement of 120 to 200 words per minute, with perfect legibility years hence as on the day of writing.

Mrs. Bronson-Salmon was born in Baltimore, Md., and is a lineal descendant of the house of Muncaster, Cumberland, England. Educated at St. Luke's Academy, Philadelphia, and identified with educational work for the past twenty-five years in the City of Portland, Or., her adopted home, and where her studio, in the Washington building, is the recognized head of schools in the Eastern States as well as in Australasia.

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