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The Souvenir of Western Women/Oregon Conservatory of Music

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Studios and Office—Second Floor Brooke Building, Washington and Seventh Streets—Portland, Oregon

The Oregon Conservatory of Music is one of the best equipped schools of music on the Pacific Coast.

The departments are under select instructors, specialists who have devoted their lives to the study and practice of their particular work, and who are not only graduates, but teachers in every sense of the word.

Under the able direction of L. H. Hurlburt Edwards, the O. C. M. offers students seeking a thorough musical education all the advantages of Eastern and European conservatories.

The departments of instruction embrace piano, pipe organ, organ, voice, violin, guitar, orchestral, band and all stringed instruments, and the kindergarten music method, which means so much to beginners.

The departments of art, elocution and languages are thoroughly taught in private or class lessons.

The conservatory benefits include rudiments, theory, harmony, chorus and history of music classes.

Quarterly and yearly examinations required for certificates and diplomas.

Our motto, "The best is none to good"—our colors, purple and gold. If you seek a thorough musical education write for prospectus and other information. Address


P. S.—Students' home and lecture hall, College and Twelfth.


This is the age of electricity. To move with it, to catch step and fall into line, is the business of the hour. In the great Northwest, toward which so many faces are now sot, some important work has already been done, and much larger development is in contemplation.

The Pacific Electric Company, 94 First street, Portland, Oregon, is a reliable place to seek information. Mr. E. H. Tate, the manager, has had sixteen years' practical experience, and associated with him are other experts in their lines. Orders for electrical supplies, machinery or installations entrusted to them will be sure of prompt and thorough execution.