The Souvenir of Western Women/Some Things About the Pacific Monthly

Some Things About the Pacific Monthly

THE PACIFIC MONTHLY is characterized by a virility which no other publication in the West has ever attempted to secure. It is published in Portland, Oregon, and is reflecting the great movements which are the soul of things Western. It has, withal, an interest to command respect from any intelligent reader, or even from the reader who wishes simply to be amused. The magazine has become what has long been badly needed—the great Western magazine. Some facts about the magazine are interesting and noteworthy. For instance, there is probably no other magazine in the world at the same price which uses as high a grade of paper as The Pacific Monthly is now using. The publishers state that they have been led to adopt this course in order to produce fine effects in half-tone engravings, and this letter from a contributor to the Stoughton Sentinel, published in Stoughton, Massachusetts, bears evidence of the fruit which first-class work produces. Loring W. Puffer, writing in this paper, says:

"I saw an issue of The Pacific Monthly the other day, and noted the sharp, realistic engravings that reproduce the wonderful views to be seen on the west coast at Portland, Oregon, where we visited a few years ago. Seeing is believing; so when we read about a place and speculate about how it probably looks, we then (if an engraving is seen) carry away a mental photograph in our minds that compensates to a certain extent for time or money to travel. It costs less than ten cents per month, and the engravings in some of the individual numbers are worth the year's subscription of one dollar. This is not a puff."

Another prominent paper published in Pennsylvania (and, by the way. a prophet is not without honor except in his own country) says: "The Pacific Monthly is the literary success of the day." The superintendent of schools of Montana says that The Pacific Monthly is an inspiration to its readers, a credit to its editors, bright and attractive. One of the prominent citizens of Mt. Angel says that The Pacific Monthly is the brightest, newsiest, most thoroughly up-to-date magazine west of the Rocky Mountains. One of the leading advertising men of San Francisco says: "I can't keep from buying The Pacific Monthly when I strike a news stand." The Telegram, Portland, Oregon, says: "The Pacific Monthly is replete with excellent engravings. The wealth of literature and the bright illustrations make a magazine that should be on every library table." The Oregonian, of Portland, Oregon, says: "No magazine in the land is better illustrated. Everything in it is fresh, bright and timely." The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle, Washington, says: "In point of timeliness, interest and general value, the magazine ranks high and is a credit to the city."

The price of The Pacific Monthly is $1 per year, ten cents per copy. Send 25 cents to the publishers, Chamber of Commerce building, Portland, Oregon, for a three months' trial subscription.