The Souvenir of Western Women/The Lewis and Clark Exposition

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The Lewis and Clark Exposition

President Lewis and Clark State Commission

THE Lewis and Clark Exposition originated about three years ago with the Oregon Historical Society. The purpose is to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the expedition of Captain Meriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark. The object in celebrating this historical event at this time is to demonstrate to the commercial world and to the citizens of the United States the great possibilities of this Western country.

The citizens of Oregon subscribed most liberally to meet the expenses of this Exposition, and the state appropriated one of the largest sums ever granted by any state for a similar purpose, according to its wealth and population. The general government made an appropriation next in proportion to the World's Fair at Chicago and the St. Louis Exposition, its sole purpose being to demonstrate to the world the importance of this great Western country and the commercial possibilities across the Pacific Ocean.

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The State of Oregon is possessed of a large amount of undeveloped resources and a vast area of government land which is open to settlement under the homestead law. In addition to the Exposition the scenic beauty of this country will present a wonderful panorama to the visitors. The Pacific Coast is the Switzerland of America, with streams of clear, sparkling water, its snow-capped mountains and its magnificent forests. A country full of beautiful wild flowers and sweet song birds.

There is an opportunity in this country for the miner; for the agriculturist in every department; for the horticulturist; for the livestock producer; for the deep sea fisher and for the fisherman who would find the wealth that abounds in the Columbia River, the Royal Chinook.

The Lewis and Clark Exposition will cover an area of about four hundred acres, in the center of which there is a natural lake. The cost of this Exposition is estimated at about $5,000,000. It will be participated in by nearly every foreign government of importance, by the government of the United States, and nearly every state and territory within the Union, and in addition a great number of large private exhibits by manufacturers and other individual interests.

It is the purpose of the management to secure at the close of the Exposition a very large collection of these exhibits for a commercial museum within the City of Portland, in order that information may be obtained thereafter in reference to all the states and countries that exhibit.

It is desired that all visitors to our Exposition feel free to request any information or attention that the citizens of the Northwest may be able to give. True Western hospitality, such as prevailed among the pioneers who crossed the plains many years ago, will be cordially extended to all our guests at this the crowning event in the national life of this land of Lewis and Clark, "Where Rolls the Oregon."

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