The Statutes at Large (Ruffhead)/Volume 1/Table of the Publick and Private Statutes

The Statutes at Large by Owen Ruffhead
Table of the Publick and Private Statutes




Publick and Private Statutes,


The TITLES of the ACTS from Magna Charta in the Ninth Year of the Reign of Henry III. King of England &c. to the End of the Reign of King Henry VI.

Anno 9 Henrici 3.

MAGNA CHARTA, or the Great Charter, containing Thirty-seven Chapters.

Charta Foresta, or the Charter of the Forest, containing Sixteen Chapters.

Anno 14. Henrici 3.

THE Statute of Ireland.

Anno 20 Henrici 3.

THE Statutes made at Merton, containing Eleven Chapters.

Anno 21 Henrici 3 .

THE Statute of the Leap Year.

Anno 38 Henrici 3.

SEntentia lata super Chartas.

Anno 51 Henrici 3.

THE Statute of Bread and Ale.
The Statute concerning common Days in Bank.
The Statute concerning common days in a Writ of Dower.
The Statute of Distresses in the Exchequer.
The Statute of the Exchequer.
The Statute of the Pillory and Tumbrel.

Anno 52 Henrici 3.

THE Award made between the King and his Commons at Kenielworth.
The Statutes made at Marleberge, or Marlborough, containing Twenty-nine Chapters.
The Sentence of Curse given by the Bishops, against the Breakers of the Great Charter.

Anno 3 Edwardi.

THE Statute of Westminster the first, containing Fifty-one Chapters.

Anno 4 Edwardi.

A Statute for the Extent of a Manor.
A Statute touching the Office of Coroners,
The Statute of Bigamy, containing Six Chapters.

Anno 6 Edwardi

THE Statutes made at Gloucester containing Fifteen Chapters.
An Exposition upon the Statute of Gloucester,
Statute of Quo Warranto, the First.

Anno 7 Edwardi.

A Statute forbidding bearing of Armour
The Statute of Mortmain.

Anno 9 Edwardi.

A Correction of the Twelfth Chapter of the Statute of Gloucester, touching calling Foreigns to Warranty in London.

Anno 10 Edwardi.

A New Statute of the Exchequer, called the Statute of Rutland.

Anno 11 Edwardi.

THE Statute of Acton Burnell.

Anno 12 Edwardi.

Statute of Wales.

Anno 13 Edivardi.

THE Statute of Westminster the Second, containing Fifty Chapters.
The Statute of Winchester containing Six Chapters.
The Statute of Merchants.
The Statute of Circumspecte agaits.
A Statute for the City of London.
The Form of Grants, and of Exemplification of Charters.

Anno 14 Edwardi.

THE Statute of Exeter
Articles of the Statute of Exeter

Anno 17 Edwardi.

Ordinatio pro sattu Hiberniæ containing Eight Chapters.

Anno 18 Edwardi.

THE Statute of Westminster the Third, viz. Quia emptores terrarum, containing Three Chapters.
The Statute upon the Writ of Quo Warranto.
The new Statute of Quo Warranto.
The Manner of levying Fines.

Anno 20 Edwardi.

THE Statute of Vouchers.
A Statute of Waste.
The Statute De defensione juris.
The Statute of Money.
The little Statute of Money.
Articles of Money.

Anno 21 Edwardi.

THE Statute of Persons to be put in Assises.
The Statute of Trespassers in Parks.

Anno 24 Edward.

THE Statute upon the Writ of Consultation.

Anno 25 Edwardi.

A Confirmation of the Charters of the Liberties of England, and of the Forest, containing Seven Chapters.
The Sentence of the Clergy, given against the Breakers of the Articles above written.

Anno 27 Edwardi.

THE Statute of Fines levied, containing Four Chapters.
An Ordinance of purchasing Liberties.
Stat. de Falsa Moneta.

Anno 28 Edwardi.

A Statute of Wards and Reliefs.
A Statute for Persons appealed by Approvers.
Articles upon the Charters, containing Twenty Chapters.

Anno 29 Edwardi.

Statute of Escheators.

Anno 31 Edwardi.

A N Ordinance of Measures.

Anno 33 Edwardi.

THE Statute of Protections.
A Definition of Conspirators.
The Statute of Champerty.
An Ordinance for Inquests.
An Ordinance of the Forest.
An Ordinance of measuring of Land.

Anno 34. Edwardi.

THE Statute of Joint-tenants. Articles of Inquisition upon the Statute of Winchester
A Statute of Amortising Lands.
A Statute de Tallagio non concedeno containing Six Chapters.
Ordinatio Forestæ, containing Six Chapters,
The Oath of the Sheriff.

Anno 35 Edwardi.

Statutum de Apportis Religioforum containing Four Chapters. Stat. ne Rector prosternat arbores in cæmetrio

Anno I Edwardi II.

Statute of Knights. The Statute of Breakers of Prison.

Anno 3 Edwardi 2.

A Statute made at Staundford, being a Confirnlatiom of 28 Edw. I.
De Statuto pro Clero inviolabiliter observando.

Anno 7 Edwardi 2.

A Statute, that none shall be impeached for the Return of Peter de Gaveston
A Statute that none shall be impeached for the Taking and Death of Peter de Gaveston

Anno 9 Edwardi 2.

ARTICLES for the Clergy, containing Sixteen Chapters.
A Statute for Sheriffs, made at Lincoln.

Anno 10 Edwardi 2.

Statute of Gavelet in London.

Anno 12 Edwardi 2.

THE Statute of York, containing Six Chapters. The Statute of Essoins.

Anno 14 Edwardi 2.

A Statute of Sheriffs, and the Green Wax,

Anno 15 Edwardi 2.

THE Statute of Carlise, concerning Fines levied.
A Statute revoking the Pardon granted to the Despensers.
A Statute, that none shall be impeached for Felonies or Trespasses in the Prosecution of Hugh le Despenser, &c.
The Form of the Charters thereon.
A Statute revoking the Pardon granted to the Prosecutors of Hugh le Despenser, &c.

Anno 16 Edwardi 2.

Statute revoking an Establishment of the Houshold.
A Statute of Estreats.

Anno 17 Edwardi 2.

THE King's Prerogative, containing Sixteen Chapters
The Manner of doing Homage and Fealty.
Statutum de Terris Templariorum.

Anno 18 Edwardi 2.

A Statute for View of Frankpledge.

Temporibus incertis.

ARTICLES against the King's Prohibition.
An Ordinance for Bakers and Brewers and other Victuallers; and for Ells, Bushels, and Forestallers, containing Ten Chapters.
The Statute called Rageman, of Justices assigned.
The Customs and Assise of the Forest:, or the Articles of Attachments of the Forest.
The Statute of Arms at Tornaments.
A Statute of View of Land, and Essoin of the King's Service.
A Statute of Justices assigned.
A Composition of Ells and Perches.
A Statute of the Writ of Inquiry to be granted of Lands to be put in Mortmain.
The Statute of Jewry.
A Statute of the Chattles of Felons.
The Statute for Tenants by the Curtesy of England.
Prohibition on the Articiili Cleri.
Articles and Oaths of the King's Ministers in Eyre.
Of the Great Assise, and Battle.
Of the Division of Pence.

Anno I Edwardi III.

  1. AN Act, that none be grieved for the Pursuit of King Edw. II.
  2. A Confirmation of the Exile of Sir Hugh Spencer and his Son.
  3. An Adnullation of Fines levied to the Spencers.
  4. An Act of Trial of an Averment in Writs of false Judgement.
  5. An Act touching Averment against Returns of Bailiffs of Franchises.
  6. An Act concerning Attaint, as well upon the Principal, as upon Damages in Trespasses,
  7. An Act against Gaolers, that compel Prisoners to make Appeals,
  8. An Act against Offenders in Forests.

Other Statutes made at another Parliament in the same Year.

  1. A Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Forest.
  2. How every Person may use his Woods within the Forest ; seizing of the Temporalties of Bishops.
  3. A Confirmation of King Edward the Second's Pardon to the Jews, and all others.
  4. An Act for ordering the King's Debts.
  5. An Act limiting how far the Subjects shall be bound to go to the Wars.
  6. An Act for the Tax of the Aid granted to the King.
  7. An Act for Wages to be given to Soldiers.
  8. An Act that no Money be taken for fair Pleading.
  9. A Confirmation of Liberties of Cities and Boroughs.
  10. There shall be no more Grants of Corodies at the King's Request, by Bishops, Abbots, &c.
  11. An Act, that no Suits be made against Indictors in Spiritual Courts.
  12. No Forfeiture but a Fine shall be made for Alienation of Lands holden of the King.
  13. Purchasing of Lands holden of the King as of some Honour.
  14. An Act against Maintainers of Quarrels.
  15. None shall be bound by writing to come armed to the King.
  16. Who shall be Justices of the Peace
  17. Indictments to be by Indenture in Sheriffs Turns.

Anno 2 Edwardi 3.

  1. A Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Forest.
  2. In what Cases only Pardon of Felony shall be granted : Who shall be Justices of Assise.
  3. No Man shall come before the Justices, or go or ride armed.
  4. A Confirmation of the Statute of Lincoln, for Sheriffs.
  5. An Act for Delivery of Writs to Sheriffs to be executed.
  6. A Confirmation of the Statute of Winchester, and for assigning Power to Justices of the Peace.
  7. An Act for Punishment of Felons and Murderers.
  8. An Act that Right be not delayed to the Subjects.
  9. An Act that all Staples shall cease.
  10. The King's Pardon of Fines forfeited.
  11. The Common Bench shall not be removed without Warning by Adjournment.
  12. Hundreds and Wapentakes shall be annexed to Counties, and, not let to farm.
  13. An Act for Process in Trespass done in the Time of King Edward the Second.
  14. For the measuring and Assise of Cloth.
  15. An Act for Fairs to be holden in their usual Time.
  16. An Act for Nisi prius to be granted as well at the Tenant's Suit, as at the Demandant's.
  17. An Act touching Writs of Deceipt given in a Scire facias in a Plea of Land

Anno 4 Edwardi.

  1. A Confirmation of the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and of all Statutes not repealed.
  2. The Authority of Justices of Assise, Gaol-delivery, and of the Peace.
  3. An Act touching Purveyance of the King and Queen's Houses.
  4. A Confirmation of the Statute of 28 Ed. 1. stat. 3. c.2., touching Purveyors.
  5. The King's Pardon of certain Fines.
  6. A Confirmation of the Statute of Carlisle.
  7. Executors shall have an Action of Trespass for a Wrong done to the Testator.
  8. An Act touching the Passage over the Seas at Dover.
  9. Sheriffs and Bailiffs shall have sufficient in the County.
  10. Sheriffs and Gaolers shall receive Offenders without taking any Thing.
  11. Justices of Assife shall inquire of Maintenance, Conspiracy, and Champerty.
  12. An Act for the Sale of Wines.
  13. A Confirmation of the Statute of Northampton, made 2 Edw. 3. for granting of Pardon;
  14. An Act for a Parliament to be holden once every Year.
  15. An Act for Wapentakes and Hundreds to be letten at the old Farm.

Anno 5 Edwardi 3.

  1. A Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Forest.
  2. An Act against the King's Purveyors.
  3. A Confirmation of the Statute of Carlisle, touching Religious Houses.
  4. An Act that Sheriffs and other Officers shall have sufficient in the County.
  5. The Penalty if any do sell Ware at a Fair after it is ended.
  6. Nisi prius shall be granted in Attaint, but no Essoin or Protection: Days given.
  7. Attaint shall be granted in Trespass, if the Damage pass 40 s.
  8. The Marshals of the King's Bench shall not bail Felons.
  9. An Act that none be attached or judged, nor outed of his Lands or Goods, contrary to the Great Charter.
  10. An Act for Punishment of Jurors that take Money to give their Verdict.
  11. Process against those that be appealed, indicted, or outlawed in one County, and remain in another.
  12. An Act for Allowance of Charters of Pardon in 'Outlawries at the Suit of the Party.
  13. An Act touching the avoiding Outlawries by Imprisonment.
  14. An Act for arresting of suspected Persons and Nightwalkers.

Anno 9 Edwardi 3.

  1. AN Act that Merchant Strangers may freely sell all manner of Merchandizes to whom they will without Disturbance.
  2. An Act that no Man shall lose his Land because of Nonplevin.
  3. An Act limiting what Essoins shall be allowed to Executors being sued for the Debt of the Testator.
  4. An Act. for Trial of Deeds, dated where the King's Writ runneth not.
  5. An Act that Justices of Assise, &c. shall send their Records to the Exchequer.

Other Statutes made in Parliament the same Ninth Year.

  1. AN Act that no Sterling Money nor Plate be carried out of the Realm.
  2. An Act that no false Money be brought into the Realm.
  3. An Act that no Sterling Halfpence nor Farthings be molten by Goldsmiths.
  4. An Act whereby Black Money is prohibited to be current.
  5. For Punisliment of the Offenders of this Statute.
  6. An Oath of Merchants and Shipmasters, that they shall not offend this Statute.
  7. An Act for Tables of Exchange.
  8. An Act for Passage of Pilgrims at Dover only.
  9. An Act for Search, that no Money or Plate be carried out of the Realm, nor false Money brought in.
  10. An Act for the Wages of Searchers, and their Punishiment.
  11. An Act that Hostlers in every Port be sworn to search their Guests.

Anno 10 Edwardi 3 Stat 1.

  1. AConfirmation of the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and of all Statutes not repealed.
  2. An Act that no Pardon be granted against the Statute made at Northampton, Anno 2 Ed. 3. c. 2.
  3. They that have Charters of Pardon, shall find Surety for their good abearing.

Statutes of Purveyors made the same Tenth Year. Stat. 2.

  1. Things purveyed for the King's House shall be praised, and Tallies made thereof.
  2. The Sheriff shall make Purveyance for the King's Horses.
  3. Certain Persons shall be appointed to hear the Offences of the Keepers of the King's Horses.
  4. Articles sent to the several Sheriffs for preserving the Peace of the Kingdom till the Meeting of the next Parliament, annexed to the preceding Statute.

Stat. 3.

STatutum de Cibariis utendis, editum apud Nottingham.

Anno 11 Edwardi 3.

  1. An Act against Carriage of Woolls out of the Realm.
  2. An Act against wearing of outlandish Cloth.
  3. An Act against bringing of foreign Cloths into the Realm.
  4. An Act concerning the wearing of Furs.
  5. An Act licencing Clothworkers of strange Lands to come and dwell in England, and other the King's Dominions.

Anno 14 Edwardi 3.

  1. A Confirmation of Liberties of the Church, and the Great Charter.
  2. & 3. An Act of the King's Pardon.
  3. An Act wherby Presentment of Engleschrie is abolished.
  4. An Act for Redress of Delays in Judgments in the King's Courts.
  5. An Act for Amendment of Records.
  6. How long Sheriffs shall tarry in their Offices.
  7. An Act concerning Escheators and Coroners.
  8. An Act concerning Bailiffs errant, and against letting to Farm of Hundreds and Wapentakes.
  9. Sheriffs shall have the keeping of Gaols.
  10. The Clerk of the Statutes shall be resident upon his Office.
  11. An Act for true Weights and Measures.
  12. An Act touching Waste done by Escheators in Wards Lands.
  13. An Act for Writs of Search.
  14. An Act against granting of Pardon to Felons.
  15. An Act touching the granting of Nisi prius before any Justices.
  16. An Act touching a Juris Utrum, and other Writs maintainable for Pardons, Vicars, Provosts, &c.
  17. An Act against vouching to Warranty a dead Person.
  18. An Act against Purveyors.
  19. An Act of Subsidy and Fifteen.
  20. An Act of Subsidy of Woolls, and Custom for the same.

Other Statutes made in the same Fourteenth Year, Stat, 2


1. AN Act touching the Subsidy. 2. An Act that all Merchants Strangers may have safe Conduct.

Statute concerning the Clergy made in the fame Fourteenth Year. Stat. 3.

A Statute made at Westminster, April 16. Anno14 Edw3. Stat 4. reciting some former Grants, and limiting the Custom on Wooll, Plate, & c.

Stat. 4.

  1. AN Act that spiritual Persons Goods be not taken by the King's Takers.
  2. An Act touching Presentments to Churches made by the King in another's Right.
  3. An Act against seizing the Bishops Temporalties into the King's Hands.
  4. & 5. Acts against Waste done by Escheators in Bishops Temporalties, and who shall have them during the Vacation.

Stat. 5.

AN Act that the Subjects of England shall be out of Subjection of the Kings of France,

Anno 15 Edwardi 3.

  1. An Act for the Maintenance of the Great Charter and of other Charters.
  2. An Act concerning Trial by Peers.
  3. The Chancellor and other great Officers to swear to keep the Laws.
  4. An Act for Offices to be seized into the King's Hands in Time of Parliament.
  5. An Act appointing who shall punish Usury.
  6. Ministers of the Church shall not answer before the King's Justices for Things done touching the Jurisdiction of the Church.

Another Statute made the same Fifteenth Year, Stat. 2.

ARevocation of the said former Statute, made 15 Ed. 3.

Another Statute made the same Year, Stat. 3.

AN Act for a Subsidy of Woolls, and other Things concerning Woolls, containing Seven Chapters.

Anno 17 Edwardi 3.

AN Act for the Searching of Money.

Anno 18 Edwardi 3.

AStatute for Declaration of Exigents.

Anno 18 Edwardi 3. Stat. 2.

  1. AN Act for ceating of Commissions of new Inquiries
  2. An Act touching Justices of the Peace.
  3. An Act for sorting and buying of Woolls.
  4. An Act to repeal Commissions for Essay of Weights and Measures.
  5. An Act touching Exigents in Trespass.
  6. An Act for the new Money and the Exchanges.
  7. When the King's Wages to Soldiers shall begin and end.

Other Statutes the same 18th Year for the Clergy. Stat. 3.

  1. A Triennial Disme granted to the King by the Clergy towards his War in France.
  2. An Act for Trial of Bigamy.
  3. Against purchasing Lands in Mortmain.
  4. Confirmation of the Statute of Purveyors.
  5. Touching Prohibitions.
  6. Temporal Justices shall not make Commissions, to in- quire of Process made by Spiritual Judges.
  7. Touching Scire facias for Dismes.

Stat. 4.

THE Oath of Justices.

Stat. 5.

THE Oath of the Clerks of the Chancery.

Anno 20 Edwardi 3.

  1. AN Act that Right be done by Justices to all Men.
  2. An Act that Right be done by the Barons of the Exchequer.
  3. An Act for the Oath of the Justices of Assises and Gaol-Delivery.
  4. None shall maintain any Quarrels but their own.
  5. Lords and great Men mall put such out of their Service which are Maintainers of Quarrels.
  6. Justices of Assise shall inquire of the Demeanour of Sheriffs, and other Officers.

Statutes of Labourers, Anno 23 Edwardi 3.

  1. WHAT Persons shall be compelled to labour.
  2. An Act that labourers retained depart not within their Term.
  3. ,4. & 5. For Labourers Wages.
  4. For Victuallers.
  5. For Beggars.
  6. For Artificers.

The Statute of Labourers, made Anno 25 Edw. 3.

  1. ,2.,& 3. WHAT Wages Labourers and others Shall take.
  2. For Cordwainers, and other Artificers.
  3. For Punishment of the Offenders of this Statute.
  4. An Act against Extortions by Sheriffs, &c.
  5. An Act for holding of Sessions, and against unlawful Departure of Servants.

Another Statute made the fame 25th Tear. Stat. 2.

AN Act touching such as be born beyond the Seas.

A Statute for the Clergy, made the same 25th Year. Stat. 3.

  1. A Confirmation of all Liberties granted to the Clergy.
  2. An Act for Repeal of an Act made 14 Ed. 3. cap. 2. touching the King's Presentment to a Church of another's Right.
  3. An Act that the King's Title shall be examined when he presents to a Benefice.
  4. For Clerks convict of Treasons and Felonies
  5. Clerks shall be arraigned of all their Offences.
  6. Touching seizing of Temporalties, and taking Fines of Bishops for Contempts.
  7. The Incumbent may plead against the King in a Duare Impedit.
  8. For Cognizance of Matters pertaining to the Church.
  9. Touching Indictments of Extortions of Ordinaries.

A Statute for Clothes made in the same 25th Year, Stat. 4.

  1. AN Act for measuring of Clothes.
  2. An Act for Victual and other Merchandizes to be sold by Merchants Strangers without Interruption.
  3. An Act against forestalling of Wines.
  4. An Act for pulling down of new Wears.

A Statute of Purveyors made in the same 25th Year. Stat 5.

  1. AN touching Purveyors for the King's House.
  2. An Act for Declaration of Treasons.
  3. No Indictor shall be put upon the Inquest of the Party indicted.
  4. An Act that no Man be condemned by Suggestion, without lawful Presentment.
  5. An Act touching Actions brought by Executors of Executors.
  6. An Act against Takers of Wood or Timber for the King.
  7. An Act for the gathering of the Foresters.
  8. None shall be constrained to find Men of Arms
  9. Auncel Weight abolished.
  10. An Act for true Measures.
  11. For reasonable Aid to make the King's Son Knight, or to marry his Daughter.
  12. An Act for Exchange of Gold and Silver.
  13. An Act against impairing of Money.
  14. What Process shall be awarded against Men indicted of Felony.
  15. Against Purveyors taking more Sheep than be needful.
  16. Exception of Nontenure of Parcel shall not abate the whole Writ.
  17. Touching Process of Outlawry In Actions of Debt, Detinue, and Replevin.
  18. Touching Villenage.
  19. Touching Protestions granted by the King.
  20. For Plate to be received into the Mint by Weight, and returned in Money by Weight.
  21. For taking Wines by the King's Butler.
  22. Against Provisors to the Court of Rome.
  23. Against Lombards that escape out of the Reaim being in Debt.

Other Statutes made in the same 25th Year. Stat. 6.

AStatute of Provisors.

Stat. 7.

AStatute of the Form of levying of the Fifteen.

Anno 27 Edwardi 3.

  1. AGAINST Provisors to the Court of Rome.
  2. Touching Charters of Pardon for Felonies.
  3. For Commissions to be awarded to redress Victuallers, and Dearth of Victuals.
  4. For Aulnage and Assise of Clothes, and a Subsidy granted upon every Cloth.
  5. Forestalling of Gascoigne Wines, Felony.
  6. For Merchants of Gascoigne safely to bring their Wines.
  7. That it shall be Felony to sojourn in Gascoigne, and buy Wines there by English Merchants.
  8. For gauging of Wines.

The Statute of the Staple, made the same 27th year

  1. WHERE the Staple shall be kept.
  2. All Merchants may freely sell all their Merchandizes in the Staple.
  3. Merchants may buy Woolls, Leather, Fells, and Lead in England, so that they he carried to the Staple.
  4. That none going to the Staple be disturbed by the Purveyors.
  5. The King's Justices shall have no Cognizance of that which pertaineth to the Staple.
  6. That no Marshal or other Minister meddle with the Staple.
  7. Touching Licence of Passage of Woolls, Leather, Fells, or Lead.
  8. The Jurisdiction of the Staple.
  9. For Recognizance of Statutes of the Staple.
  10. For Weights and Measures of the Staple.
  11. Against forestalling of Merchandizes coming to the Staple.
  12. That no Woolls, Fells, Leather, nor Lead, be carried into Scotland.
  13. Touching Goods robbed upon the Sea coming into the Realm.
  14. For bringing of Bullion into the King's Exchanges.
  15. Concerning Indentures to be made between Carriers of Merchandizes to the Staple by fresh Rivers, and the Bailiffs of the Towns where they be Shipped.
  16. For the Rent of Places in the Staple where Woolls and other Merchandizes shall be set.
  17. That no Merchant Stranger be impeached for others Debt.
  18. Merchants of Ireland and Wales may bring their Merchandizes to the Staples in England.
  19. That none lose his Goods by Forfeit of his Servants.
  20. Merchant Strangers taken into the King's Protection.
  21. The Authority of the Major and Constables of the Staple.
  22. For Correctors of Strangers and Denizens to be in the Staple.
  23. For a certain Number of Porters, and other Officers, to be in the Staple.
  24. For Association to the Major of the Staple, where any Alien is Party.
  25. Nothing to be done in Prejudice of the Staple.
  26. Credence to be given to the Letters or Oaths of the Owners of Merchandizes coming into the Realm, testifying the true Value of them.
  27. The Penalty of them that be convict for shipping of Woolls.
  28. Confirmation of Privileges and Customs of the Staple.
  29. The Fees of the Mayors and Constables of the Staple.

Anno 28 Edwardi 3.

  1. COnfirmation of all Statutes not repealed.
  2. The Lords Marchers in Wales shall be attendant to the Crown of England, and not to the Principality of Wales.
  3. None to be disseised or imprisoned, without due Process of the Law.
  4. How Escheators and other Officers shall answer the King the Profits of Lands coming to him by the Death of his Tenants.
  5. No Iron shall be sent out of the Realm.
  6. For the Election of Coroners.
  7. How long Sheriffs shall abide in their Offices.
  8. An Attaint shall be granted as well upon a Bill as upon a Writ of Trespass.
  9. No Writ shall be directed to a Sheriff to charge an Inquest to Indict any.
  10. For Redress of Errors, and Misprisions in Government in the City of London.
  11. Fresh Suit shall be made' after Robbers from Country to Country.
  12. Within what Time Purveyances made for the King's House shall be paid for.
  13. The Warrant of packing of Woolls shall be put out, and Inquest shall be De medietate lingua, where an Alien is Party.
  14. For shewing of Woolls every Day at the Staple, except Sunday.
  15. An Act declaring the Bounds of the Staple.

Anno 31 Edwardi 3

  1. Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Forest.
  2. Against the abating of the Prices of Woolls.
  3. For Discharge of the Estreats in the Exchequer.
  4. Against Extortion in Bishops Officers for Probates of Wills.
  5. The Contents of a Tun of Wine, and the true gauging of the same.
  6. Touching Fines and Amerciarnents of Labourers.
  7. Justices shall enquire of the Offenders of the Laws of the Staple.
  8. What Refuse shall be made of Wooll. All Woolls shall be brought to the Staple.
  9. The Chancellor and Treasurer upon Cause may defer the Passage of Woolls.
  10. For the Rule and Reformation of the Victuallers of. London.
  11. To whom the Ordinary may commit Adminstration, where a Man dieth intestate, and the Administrators to have Actions, as Executors should.
  12. The Chancellor and Treasurer (hall reform and examine Errors in the Exchequer.
  13. The King's Pardon.
  14. For levying of Escapes.
  15. At what Time the Sheriff shall hold his Turn.

The Statute of Herrings ,made in the same One and thirtieth Year. Stat. 2.

  1. TOuching Herring, and the Manner of selling thereof.
  2. Concerning the Sale of Herrings at Yarmouth.
  3. For Stockfish.

Other Statutes made the same 31st Year. Stat. 3.

  1. FOR Fish coming within the Haven of Blackney.
  2. Ordinances for Fish.

Stat. 4.

ORdinatio facta pro Statu terræ Hiberniæ, containing 39 Chapters.

Anno 34 Edwardi 3.

  1. FOR Justices of Peace.
  2. & 3. For Purveyors.
  3. For making of Panells, and who shall be impanelled upon Juries.
  4. Auncel Weight abolished.
  5. For Weights and Measures.
  6. Attaint shall lie as well in Plea real as personal.
  7. Against Jurors taking Money for giving their Verdict.
  8. 10, 11. For Labourers.
  9. There shall be no Forfeiture of Lands for Treason of dead Persons not attainted.
  10. How Escheators shall take their Inquests.
  11. For Traverse of Offices.
  12. Confirmation of Alienations made by the Tenants of King Henry the Third, &c.
  13. Nonclaim of Fines shall be no Bar.
  14. Merchants, Aliens, or Denizens may come into Ireland.
  15. For them that have Posessions in Ireland.
  16. No Custom to be paid for Canvasses to pack Woolls in.
  17. For Passage of Corn to Callice.
  18. For Passage of Woolls.
  19. For Hawks found.

Anno 35 Edwardi 3.

AN Ordinance touching Herrings coming to Yarmouth, and the Hostellers there.

Anno 36 Edwardi 3.

  1. Confirmation of the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and of all Statutes not repealed.
  2. Acts against Purveyors.
  3. Of what Things the Major and Constables of the Staple shall have Cognizance.
  4. For the Wages of Parish Priests.
  5. For Punishment of the Offenders of the said Statutes.
  6. A Parliament shall be holden once every Year.
  7. No Subsidy shall be imposed upon Woolls without Assent of Parliament.
  8. For the Quarter Sessions of the Peace.
  9. Concerning Escheators.
  10. Fines and Amerciaments of Labourers shall be to the Use of the Commons.
  11. Pleadings shall be in the English Tongue, and entered in Latin.

36 Edwardi 3. Stat. 2.

THE King's general Pardon.

Anno 37 Edwardi 3.

  1. Confirmation of the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and all Statutes before made.
  2. For Writs of Idemptitate notninis.
  3. For the Price of Poultry.
  4. For Clerks of the Exchequer.
  5. Against ingrossing of Merchandizes.
  6. For Handicraftsmen to hold them in one Occupation.
  7. How Goldsmiths shall make their Silver Vessels.
  8. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Acts for Apparel.
  9. An Act for Wines.
  10. In what Case a Writ shall not be abated by Exception of Cognizance of Villenage.
  11. How Suggestions are to be pursued, which are made to the King.
  12. Concerning Hawks found.

Anno 38 Edwardi 3.

  1. Confirmation of the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and all Statutes not repealed.
  2. An Act licencing all Merchants to buy any Merchandizes.
  3. Fines shall be taken in the Presence of the Pledges.
  4. Certain penal Bonds in the Third Person shall be void.
  5. Touching waging of Law in London against Papers.
  6. The Penalty of Death put out for carrying Woolls over the Sea.
  7. The Staple to be in England.
  8. Ships not to be lost for a little Thing therein not customed.
  9. For Punishment of them that make Complaints to the King, and cannot prove them true.
  10. & 11. For seeking Wines in Gascoigne.
  11. Against Jurors, and Imbracers of Juries.

Other Statutes made in the fame 38th Tear, Stat. 2

STATUTES made against Provisors, containing Four Chapters.

Anno 42 Edwardi 3.

  1. Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Forest.
  2. Confirmation of Pardon
  3. None to be put to answer, without Presentment or other Thing of Record.
  4. To whom Commissions of Inquiry shall be granted.
  5. Concerning Escheators.
  6. Confirmation of the Statute of Labourers.
  7. That they of London fell Vivtual at Retail, and none other.
  8. That no English Merchanas go to seek Wines in Gascoigne.
  9. For levying of the Green Wax and Estreats.
  10. Children born beyond the Sea within the King's Dominions shall inherit Lands in England.
  11. For arraying of Panels of Inquests.

Anno 43 Edwardi 3.

  1. FOR the Staple to be removed into England.
  2. An Act licensing English, Irish, and Welsh, being not Artificers, to buy Wines in Gascoigne, notwithstanding the Statute of 42 Ed. 3. c. 8.
  3. Against taking of Wines by the King's Butler.
  4. The King's Pardon.

Anno 45 Edwardi 3.

  1. Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Forest.
  2. For pulling down of Wears, Mills, and Kiddles.
  3. A Prohibition shall be granted where a Suit is commenced in the Ecclessiastical Court for Sylva cadua,
  4. Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Forest.|No Imposition shall be laid upon Woolls and Leather, other than the Custom and Subsidy.

Rotulus Parliamenti, Anno 46 Edwardi 3.

Anno 47 Edwardi 3.

  1. For Length and, Breadth of Cloths.
  2. The Scottish Groat current for Three Pence.

Anno 50 Edwardi 3.

  1. Confirmation of the Liberties of Holy Church.
  2. Confirmation of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Forest-.
  3. The King's Pardon in his Year of Jubilee.
  4. After Consultation, no Prohibition shall be awarded.
  5. That no Minister of Holy Church be arrested at Divine Service.
  6. Gifts of Lands or Goods to defraud Creditors shall be void.
  7. That Woollen Cloths be not carried out of the Realm till they be fulled.
  8. That no Subsidy', nor Aulnage be levied of Irish Freeze.

Anno I Ricahardi II.

  1. A Confirmation of the Liberties of the Church, the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and of all Statutes not repealed.
  2. Peace shall be kept, and Justice indifferently done to all Men.
  3. All Statutes of Purveyors confirmed.
  4. Against Maintenance of Quarrels.
  5. Confirmation of the Statutes concerning the Exchequer; Punishiment of a Clerk of the Exchequer making Process for a Debt paid.
  6. Against Villains that withdraw their Services.
  7. Against: giving of Liveries for Maintenance.
  8. Touching Protections cum clausula Volumus.
  9. Gifts of Lands or Goods for Maintenance shall be void, and Assises shall lie against the Pernor of the Profits.
  10. Confirmation of a Pardon granted in the Fiftieth Year of Edward the Third.
  11. None that hath been Sheriff shall be Sheriff within Three Years after.
  12. Touching Prisoners of the Fleet suffered to go at large.
  13. Obligations made by Spiritual Men to do contrary to the Laws of the" Church shall be void.
  14. Concerning Tithes
  15. That no spiritual Person be arrested during Divine Service.

Anno 2 Richardi 2.

  1. WHAT Merchants Strangers may safely bring any Merchandizes into this Realm.
  2. Against Forestalling of Wines
  3. For Merchants and others towards the West Parts.
  4. Against Mariners flying out of the King's Service with-out Licence.
  5. Against Raisers of false News or seditious Rumours.
  6. Against Welshmen taking away Women and Maids out of England, and other Abuses.
  7. Urban was duly chosen Pope, and so ought to be accepted and obeyed.
  8. Confirmation of the Statutes of Labourers.

Other Statutes made the same Second Year. Stat. 2.

  1. Confirmation of the Liberties of the Church, the Great Charter, Charter of the Forest, and of all Statutes
  2. Repeal of so much of the Act: made the last Parliament, as toucheth unlawful Aslemblies in Wales.
  3. For Process to be made against them, which after Gifts made of their Lands and Goods by Collusion, fly to Sanctuary.

Anno 3 Richardi 2.

  1. Confirmation of all Liberties and Statutes.
  2. The Penalty of the Aulnager for sealing faulty Cloth.
  3. Against farming of Benefices of Aliens.

Anno 4 Richardi 2.

  1. FOR the gauging of Wines, Oils, and Honey.
  2. The King's Pardon.

Anno 5 Richardi 3.

  1. Confirmation of the Liberties of Holy Church, the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and all other Statutes not repealed
  2. Against transporting Gold and Silver out of the Realm; and against Departure of the King's Subjects out of the Realm without Licence.
  3. Against importing or transporting of Merchandizes, but only in English Ships.
  4. Concerning the Prices of Wines to be sold in the Realm.
  5. Sweet Wines and Claret not to be sold by Retail in England after the Nativity of Saint John.
  6. The King's Pardon to those that repressed the late Rebellion.
  7. Manumissions made by Menace at the late Insurrection shall be void.
  8. Against entering into Lands where it is not lawful.
  9. Touching Deeds destroyed in the late Insurrection.
  10. Touching Discharges of Debts and Accompts in the Exchequer.
  11. The Covenants of them that shall serve the King in his Wars or Embassages to be put in Writing, and returned into the Exchequer.
  12. That Accompts in the Exchequer be shortly heard.
  13. For two Clerks to be assigned to make Parcels of Accompts in the Exchequer.
  14. That Accounts of Nichil be put out of the Exchequer.
  15. Concerning the Clerk of the Pipe, and the Two Remembrancers for the Entry of Writs of the Great and Privy Seal, and to make Schedules and Certificates.
  16. Upon a Judgement of Livery, the Remembrancer shall cause the Suit to cease
  17. The Fees of the Clerks of the Exchequer for making a Commission or Record of Nisi prius.

Other Statutes made the fame Fifth Year. Stat. 2.

  1. FOR the well intreating of Merchants Strangers.
  2. For passing of Woolls, Leather, and Fells.
  3. A Subsidy granted to the King, so that it may be wholly imployed upon the safe keeping of the Seas.
  4. For coming to the Parliament.
  5. Against Preachers of Heresies.

Anno 6 Richardi 2.

  1. A confirmation of all Liberties of the Church, Magna Charta, Charta Forestæe, with all Statutes not repealed.
  2. For Actions to be pursued in their proper Counties.
  3. In what Courts Writs of Nusances called Vicontiels, shall be pursued.
  4. Touching Deeds inrolled that were destroyed in the last Insurrection.
  5. For Sessions to be holden by Justices of Assise and Gaol-delivery in the principal Towns.
  6. Against Ravishing of Women.
  7. For Prices of sweet Wines by Retail.
  8. For Qualification of the Act touching the Navy, made 5 Rich. 2. cap. 3.
  9. Victuallers to bear no Office in Towns where they dwell.
  10. Aliens bringing Victuals into the Realm may sell the same in gross or by retail.
  11. That Hosts use no more forestalling of Victuals.
  12. Mayors to be sworn to keep the Ordinances of Fishmongers and Victuallers.
  13. The King's Pardon touching the late Rebellion.

At another Parliament holden the same Sixth Year.

  1. Statute enlarging the same Pardon.
  2. Confirmation of the Statutes of Purveyors.
  3. Release of such from Actions of Trespass as can prove they were compelled to the late Insurrection.
  4. Actions of Trespass to be brought within a limited Time.
  5. The Number of Witnesses to prove the Compulsion.

Anno 7 Richardi 2.

  1. Confirmation of the Liberties of the Church.
  2. Confirmation of Magna Charta, the Charter of the Forest, and all Statutes not repealed.
  3. For calling of Jurors within Forests.
  4. Touching Imprisonment by Officers of the Forests.
  5. Touching Night-walkers, Rogues, and Vagabonds.
  6. Proclamation to be made Four Times yearly, by the Sheriffs, of the Statute of Winchester.
  7. That Nisi prius be granted at the Suit of any of the Jurors, if the Parties, after the Distress Three Times served, do refuse it.
  8. For Purveyors.
  9. Against Deceit of Cloths.
  10. Touching Assise for Rent going out of Lands lying in two Counties.
  11. The Statute of Victuallers, Fifth and Sixth of King Richard repealed.
  12. No Alien shall occupy any Benefice of the Church.
  13. Against riding in Harness.
  14. Concerning Attorneys of Defendants in Writs of Pramunire facias.
  15. Against Champerty and Maintenance.
  16. Against sending Armour or Victual into Scotland.
  17. For Mainpernors to satisfy the Plaintiff for his Delay, where the Defendant keepeth not his Day.

Anno 8 Richardi 2.

  1. Confirmation of the Liberties of the Church, Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest:, and all Statutes.
  2. That no Man of Law be Justice of Assise or Gaol-delivery in his own Country.
  3. Neither the King's Justices, nor Barons of the Exchequer, shall take Fee or Reward, but of the King.
  4. Against false entering of Pleas, rasing of Rolls, and changing of Verdicts.
  5. Of the Jurisdidction of the Constable and Marshal.

Anno 9 Richardi 2.

  1. Confirmation all statutes not repealed, saving of a Statute made 8 R. 2. cap. 3.
  2. Touching Villains flying to Cities and Boroughs.
  3. For Writs of Attaint and Error for them in the Reversion.
  4. Trial whether a Prior be dative and removeable, or perpetual.
  5. For Fees of Priests taken in the Marshalsey of the King's House.

Anno 10 Richardi 2.

AN Act for the good Governance of the Realm.

Anno 11 Richardi 2.

  1. THE Archbishop of York and others attainted of High Treason.
  2. Claus to prevent fraudulent Conveyances of their Estates.
  3. The Estates of the Bishop of Chichester and others also forfeited.
  4. The Penalty of concealing any Part of the said Estates.
  5. Issues in Tail, and Jointures of Women excepted.
  6. Penalty of petitioning the King for any Grant of the said Estates during the War.
  7. All Merchants Aliens and Denizens may buy and sell without Interruption.
  8. Certain Annuities granted by the King, made void.
  9. That no new Impositions be put upon Woolls, Leather, &c.
  10. That no Letters from the King under the Signet or Privy Seal be sent in Disturbance of the Law.
  11. For keeping Assises and Sessions in chief Towns.

Anno 12 Richardi 2

  1. Confirmation of the Liberties of the Church, the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and of all Statutes not repealed.
  2. Touching electing of Officers.
  3. & 4. Confirmation of all Statutes for Labourers and Victuallers, and for Stocks to be in every Town, for Demeanour of Labourers.
  4. For Wages for Labourers, and, how they shall behave themselves.
  5. Concerning Weapons not to be worn by Artificers, and against unlawful Games to be used by them.
  6. For Beggars.
  7. Concerning such as pretend themselves to have been captive or maimed in foreign Countries.
  8. Touching Vagabonds, and concerning Artificers and Labourers.
  9. How many Justices of the Peace shall be in every County, and for holding of their Sessions.
  10. The Punishment of him that telleth Lies of the Peers or Great Officers of the Realm.
  11. In what Cases the Lords and Spiritual Persons shall be contributary to the Expences of the Knights of Parliament.
  12. For avoiding of Annoyances by casting of Dung or Carrion into Ditches and other Places.
  13. For the Measure of Cloths.
  14. That none pass out of the Realm to obtain any Benefice of Holy Church.
  15. For removing the Staple from Middleborough to Calais.

Anno 13 Richardi 2.

  1. THE King's Presentee shall not be received into a Church full of an Incumbent, till he hath recovered it by Law.
  2. Touching the Jurisdiction of the Constable of England
  3. The Jurisdiction of the Steward and Marshals Court shall not exceed Twelve Mile from the King's Lodging.
  4. Concerning the Duty of the Clerk of the Market of the King's House.
  5. Touching the Jurisdiction of the Admiral.
  6. Touching Serjeants at Arms and their Office.
  7. Touching the Office of Justices of Peace.
  8. Touching Servants and Labourers, and for the Price of Victuals and Horse Bread.
  9. Touching Packing, and for true Weights and Measures.
  10. The Length and Breadth of Cog-ware and Kendal Cloths.
  11. Touching Cloths made in the Counties of Somerset Gloucester, Dorset, and Bristol.
  12. Touching Tanners and Cordwainers.
  13. The Ability of such as shall be permitted to hunt.
  14. Touching Recognizances and double Bonds in the Exchequer.
  15. Rejoining of Caftles and Goals to the Counties.
  16. Touching Protections.
  17. Where he in Reversion may be received in a Suit commenced against the particular Tenant.
  18. Touching Attaints in Lincoln.
  19. For the Preservation of Fish.
  20. At what Ports Pilgrims shall pass out of the Realm.

Other Statutes made the fame Thirteenth Year

  1. Touching Charters of Pardon.
  2. Touching Provisors.
  3. An Ordinance to prevent Disturbance in judicial Proceedings.

Anno 14 Richardi 2.

  1. For removing the Staple from Calais to England.
  2. Touching Exchanges to the Court of Rome.
  3. The Mayor and Officers of the Staple shall be sworn to the King.
  4. Against regrating of Woolls.
  5. Touching the carrying of Wooll and Lead out of the Realm by Strangers.
  6. For the freighting of English Ships.
  7. For the shipping of Tin only at Dartmouth
  8. Touching gauging of Rhenish Wine.
  9. That Merchant Strangers be well intreated.
  10. No Customer nor Comptroller shall have Ship of his own, nor shall hold his Office but at the King's Pleasure.
  11. For the Number of justices of Peace in every County, and their Wages.
  12. At What Value Scottish Money shall be current.

Anno 15 Ricardi 2.

  1. Confirmation of former Statutes.
  2. Against forcible Entries.
  3. The Admirals Jurisdiction.
  4. Touching the measuring Corn in London.
  5. What is Mortmain.
  6. In Appropriation of Churches there shall be provision made for the Poor, and a vicar.
  7. Touching carrying of Victuals or Merchandizes into Scotland.
  8. For the shipping of Tin, and for Repeal of a Statute made 14 Ricardi 2. cap. 7.
  9. For the taking of Recognizances of the Staple.
  10. Touching Cloth made in Surry, Sussex, and Southampton.
  11. Touching Girdlers.
  12. Against answering before the council of Lords and Ladies concerning Freehold.

Anno 16 Richardi 2.

  1. Concerning Merchants Aliens retailing Merchandizes.
  2. Against such as compel any Persons to appear before the council or Lords and Ladies, to answer for their Freehold.
  3. That the Clerk of the Market have Weights and measures according to the Standard.
  4. Touching Liveries.
  5. Prernunire for purchasing Bulls from Rome.
  6. Touching the obtaining Charters of Pardon.

Anno 17. Richardi 2.

  1. AGainst the melting of Money to make Plate, and prohibiting foreign coins.
  2. Touching Cloths.
  3. Touching Transportation or Worsteds.
  4. For the cleansing or Malt sold in London.
  5. For certain Officers to have no Estate in their Offices for Life nor Years, but only at the King‘s Pleasure.
  6. For Damages for them that he vex before the Counsel, or in the Chancery, upon untrue Suggestions.
  7. Touching the carrying of corn out of the Realm.
  8. Against riots and unlawful Assemblies.
  9. That justices of Peace be Conservators of the Statutes for Preservation of Salmon.
  10. Two learned Men in the Law shall be in every Commission of Gael Delivery.
  11. Aldermen of London shall not he elected early, but remain until they be put out for reasonable cause.
  12. An Explanation of the Statute 18 Edw. 3. cap. 10. That the Mayor, Aldermen, &c. of London, shall not incur the Penalty of the said Statute for erroneous judgment.
  13. The Ward of Farringdon Without shall elect an Alderman.

Anno 20 Richardi 2.

  1. Against riding or going armed.
  2. Touching Liveries.
  3. That no Lords nor others sit with Justices of Assise on the Bench.
  4. That no Ship be compelled to come to any Port in England.
  5. Against taking or Horses without Warrant.
  6. An Act licencing Belknap and others to come into England.

Anno 21 Richardi 2.

  1. Confirmation of the Liberties of the Holy Church, and of all cities, Boroughs, and Commonalities.
  2. Repeal of the Commission made to the Earl of Arundel, and others.
  3. For the Forfeiture and Punishment of Traytors.
  4. , 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, & 14. Acts touching the King and conservation of the Realm.
  5. The King's general pardon.
  6. Authority given to certain Comissioners to examine and answer Petitions.
  7. Against Licences to ship Merchandises of the Staple.
  8. For carrying Lastage of stones to Calais, to repair the same.
  9. Confirmation of Statutes made for pulling down of Wears.
  10. Against them that pursue to reverse any Thing made in this Parliament.

Anno I Henrici IV.

  1. Confirmation of all Charters, and of all Liberties of the Church, and Statutes heretofore made and not repealed.
  2. For the Safeguard of them which came in with King Henry the Fourth.
  3. Repeal or the Parliament in the 21st Year of King Richard the Second.
  4. Confirmation of the Parliament holden in the 11th Year of King Richard the Second.
  5. For Restitution of those which were attained in the 21st Year of Richard the Second.
  6. Touching Letters Patents to be made by the King.
  7. Touching Liveries.
  8. For Relief of them that be put out at their Lands by Suggestion made to the King.
  9. A Confirmation of Sales of Forfeitures made by great Officers of King Richard the Second.
  10. Touching Offences made Treason in the 21st Year of King Richard the Second.
  11. How far Sheriffs shall he charged with the antient Farms of the County.
  12. Confirmation of divers Statutes, made for pulling down of Wears.
  13. Customers, Controllers, Searchers, &c.. shall abide in their Offices during the King's Pleasure.
  14. Touching the Determination of Appeals.
  15. For Redress of Errors and Misprisons in Government in the City of London.
  16. That Londoners be free of packing of Cloths.
  17. Aliens Victuallers shall be free to buy and sell.
  18. Touching Process against such of the County of Chesterwhich commit Felony in another Shire.
  19. Touching the Duty upon Cloths.
  20. The King’s Pardon.

Anno 2 Henrici 4.

  1. COnfirmation of Statutes and Liberties.
  2. An Exposition on the Statute of 1 H. 4. cap. 6. concernig Gifts and Grants to he made by the King.
  3. Against Provisions made by the court of Rome.
  4. An Act prohibiting religious Persons to purchase Bulls from Rome.
  5. Against the carriage of Money out of the Realm.
  6. Flemish and Scottish Money shall be turned into Bullion.
  7. Touching Nonsuits after verdict against the Plaintiff.
  8. The Fee of the Cyrographer of the common Pleas for a Fine levied. 9. For Discharge of Commissions awarded in the Time of King Richard.

10. For Fees of the Clerk of the Crown of the King's Bench.
11. Touching the Jurisdiction of the Admiral Court.
12. Welshmen shall not purchase Lands, nor bear Office.
13. The Pardon made the 21st of King Richard confirmed.
14. For Purveyors.
15. The Orthodoxy of the Faith of the Church of England asserted, and Provision made against the Oppugners of the same; with the Punishment of Hereticks.
16. For the Punishment of Thefts and other Disorders of Welsh Men.
17. For the present Execution of Welsh Men committing Felonies in England.
18. For keeping Guards in the Castles in Wales.
19. Touching English Men Convict by Welsh Men in Wales.
20. That Welsh Men shall not purchase Lands in England.
21. Touching Liveries.
22. Touching Suits contrary to the Statute 11h Rich. 2.
23. For the Fees of the Mardhal of the Marshalsey of the King's House.
24. For Discharge of Process made against them that were in the King's Wages with the Duke of York, 23 Rich. 2.

Anno 4 Henrici 4.

1.{{di|Confirmation of the Liberties of the Church, and of Cities, Boroughs, and Towns franchised, of the Great Charter, and the Charter of the Forest.
2. The Words Infidiatorcs viarum ct depopulatores agrorum, shall not be put in any Indictments, &c.
3. Touching Clerks Convict.
4. The King shall not grant Revenues of the Crown without Deliberation.
5. That the Sheriffs be resident within their Bailiwicks.
6. For sealing of Cloths.
7. Touching Actions again
t the Takers of the Profits of Lands. 8. In what Cases a special Assize is maintainable against a Disseisor with Force.
9. For Discharge of Commissioners distrained to return Commissions.
10. For Coinage of Halfpence and Farthings.
11. For granting Comissions for pulling down Wears and Kiddles.
12. In aAppropriation of Churches there shall be Provison made for the Poor of the Parish, and the Vicar.
13. Confirmation of the Statutes, 1 E 3. c. 5. & 25 E. 3. c. 8. touching service in War
14. For retaining Labourers
15. That Merchants Aliens bestow the Money which they receive within the Realm, upon Merchandises of the Realm
16. Against Carrige of Money or Plate out of the Realm.
17. Infants shall not be recived into the Order of Friere, without the Consent of their Parents
18. For Punishment of an Attorner found in Default
19. No Officer of a Lord of a Franchise shall be an Attorney in the same.
20. For Customers and Comptrollers to be resident upon their Offices.
21. For the Office of Searchers, and that they execute their places in Person.
22. For the remedy of Incumbents put out by the King's Presentees.
23. Against Examination of Judgments given in the King's Courts.
24. Touching Anulnage of Cloths.
25. Touching Hostrllers and Victuallers.
26. That English Men be not convict by Welsh Men, nor marry with Welsh Women.
27. There s shall be no Wasters, Vagabonds, &c. in Wales.
28. Against Congregations of Welsh Men.
29 Against Bearing Armor in Wales.
30 Against sending Armor or Victuals into Wales.
31. That Welsh men have not the Keeping of any Fortresses or Castle in Wales
32. Welsh Men shall not bear certain Offices in Wales.
33. Castles and walled Towns in Wales shall be kept by English Men.
34. English Men married to Welsh Women shall bear no Office in Wales
35. Conncerning Tanners and Shoe-Makers.

Anno 5. Henrici 4.

1. For the Foreitures of the Lands of Sir Henry and Sir Thomas Piercie, and other Traitors.
2. Touching Charters of Pardon to be granted to Approvers
3. For Watch to be kept upon the Sea Coasts.
4. Multiplication of Gold or Silver made Felony
5. Cutting out of tounges, and putting out the Eyes of the King's Subjects, Made Felony.
6. The Penalty for making Assult upon any servant of a Knight in parliament.
7. For the well intreating of Merchant Strangers
8. In what cases the Defendant may be allowed to wager his Law, or plead to an Inquest.
9. For Keeping of Gold and Silver within the Realm.
10. That Justices of the Peace imprison Men in the Common Goals only.
11. For paying og Tithes by Farmers of Aliens Lands, although the Lands may be feifef in the King's Hands.
12. Execution may be awarded upon a Statute Merchant, after it is once shewed in Court.
13. What things may be Gilded
14. For inrolling of Writs, whereupon Fines are levied.
15. Pardon Act 1403

Anno 6 Henrici 4.

1. Touching First Fruits of Bishopricks. 2. Touching Letters Patents to be made to the Queen and the King's Sons.
3. Comississons shall be sent to inquire of the Accompts of Sheriffs and other Officer.
4. Touching the selling Merchandises by Merchants Aliens

Anno 7 Henrici 4.

1. Confirmation of Liberties and Statutes not reapealed.
2. For establishing the Inheritance of the Crown.
3. The rolls of Estreats shall be made certain.
4. Against Gaolers suffering Prisoners to escape.
5. For the Forfieture of the Lands of the Earl of Northumberlans and the Lord Bardolfe attained of Treson
6. Against purchasing Bulls to be discharged of Tithes.
7. For the true making of Arrow-heads
8. Against Pardons to Benefices full of an Incumbent
9. Cloths and Merchandises may be sold in gros, as well
10 For the Measure of Woollen Cloths.
11.Comissioners shall be discharged by their Oaths from certifying of Comissions.
12. For the forfieture of Land of John Earl
13.Impotent Persons, that be outlawed, may make Attornies.
14. Concerning Livery and Retainers.
15. The Manner of the Election of Knights of Shires for the Parliament.
16. Touching Payment of Annuities granted to the King's Servants.
17. For taking of Apprentices.
18. An Indemnity for the suppresing the late Riots.

Anno 9 Henrici 4.

1. Confirmation of Liberties and Statutes not repealed.
2. Touching the Sealing of Kendal Cloth.
3. Touching Felonies in South Wales.
4. Touching Disclaimer in Felonies in Wales.
5. Remedy where Lords of antient Demesnes, or Mayor or Bailiffs of Liberties, be named Disseisers, to take away their Franchise.
6. Repeal of a Statute made 7 Hen. 4. cap. 10. touching the Length and Breadth of Cloths.
7. Goods shall be chargeable for the Payment of the Quinzie, where they where at the time when the same was granted. 8. For free Elections, and against Transportation of Money,
9. Elections to Spiritual Promotions shall be free, and not interrupted by the Pope or the King.
10. A Pardon granted by the King to all that have purchased Provisions or Translations to Archbisiopricks, Bishopricks, &c.

Anno 11 Henrici 4.

1. THE Penalty on a Sheriff for making an untrue Return of the Election of the Knights of Parliament.
2. No common Hostler shall be Customer, Comptroller, or Searcher.
3. Touching Amendment of Records after Judgment.
4. Against Labourers using unlawful Games.
5. For the abolishing of Galley Halfpence.
6. Touching the Aulnage of Cloths.
7. Merchant Strangers shall pay Custom for Cloths cut in small Pieces.
8. Touching Exchanges of Money by Merchants.
9. Against taking Inquests not returned by the Sheriff.

Anno 13 Henreci 4.

1.Confirmation of Liberties and Statutes not repealed.
2. Touching Justices of Assise and Gaol-delivery.
3. Confirmation of Statutes made against Liveries and Retainers.
4. Confirmation of Statutes touching Aulnage and Measuring of Cloths.
5. Customers and other Officers to be resident upon their Offices.
6. Abolishing of Galley Halfpence.
7. Justices of the Peace and Sheriffs to arrest such as commit Riots or Routs, and to inquire of them and record their Offences.

Anno I Henrici V.

1. For Election of Knights and Burgesses of the Parliament.
2. Confirmation of former Statutes made for pulling down of Wears and Kiddels, &c.
3. Against Forgers of false Deeds.
4. To prevent Extortions of Sheriffs and their Bailiff's.
5. For Addition to be given, in case where Process of Outlawry lieth.
6. English Mens Punishment of Misdemeanors in Wales shall not be revenged.
7. Touching French Men beneficed in England.
8. To prevent the Repair of Irish Men into England.
9. Revocation of certain Grants of Lands and Offices in Calais.
10. By what Measure Purveyors shall take Corn.

Anno 2 Henrici 5


1. POWER given to Ordinaries to inquire of the Government of Hospitals.
2. Touching Writs of Certiorari and Corpus cum causa granted for Persons in Execution.
3. For granting a Copy of a Libel in the Spiritual Court.
4. Touching Labourers, and of the Office of a Justice of the Peace.
5. Process against Felons dwelling in Tindale and Examshire.
6. Concerning the Observation of Truce and Safe Conduits.
7. For Reformation of Heresy and Lollardy.
8. For Suppressing of Riots, Routs, and unlawful Assemblies.
9. Touching Process against Rioters that flee into Woods.

Other Statutes made the same Second Year.

1. WHAT Persons shall be Justices of Peace.
2. For Wages of Priests.
3. For the Sufficiency of Jurors.
4. Touching Goldsmiths and Gilding of Silver Ware.
5. To prevent Rebellions of Welsh Men.
6. For Shipping of Staple Ware.

Anno 3 Henrici 5.

FOR abolishing of Galley Halfpence, Sufkins, and Dotkins.

Other Statutes made in the same Third Year.

1. Confirmation of Liberties and Franchises, and Statutes not repealed.
2. Touching Abbots and Priors being Suitors to Courts Baron in Yorkshire and Lancashire.
3. Britons not made Denizens shall depart the Realm.
4. All Provisions, Licences, and Pardons, touching Benefices full of an Incumbent, shall be void.
5. Touching Attaints upon a false Verdict given in the City of Lincoln.
7. Against the clipping, washing, and filing of Money.
8. Touching Fees for Probates of Testaments.

Anno 4 Henrici 5.

1. COnfirmation of the Great Charter, the Charter of the Forest, and of Statutes not repealed.
2. For Sheriffs to have Allowance of certain Eftreats their Accounts.
3. Touching Patten-makers.
4. Against taking of excessive Wages of Servants of Husbandry.
5. Confirmation of the Statutes made ; H. 4. cap. 7. & cap, 9. for Hosts to be assigned to Merchant Strangers.
6. Touching Benefices granted to Irishmen.
7. In what Cases Letters of Marque may be granted.
8. The King's Pardon.

Anno 5 Henrici 5.

ABBOTS and others may make Attornies until the next Parliament.

Anno 7 Henrici 5.

For appealing and indicting Men of Lancashire, &c. Process against Makers, &c. of false Deeds.

Anno 8 Henrici 5.

1. That in the King's Absence in France the Teste of the Writs be in the Name of the Lieutenant.
2. For Bullion to be brought to the Mint by Merchants of the West.
3. Touching Gilding and Silvering of divers Things.

Anno 9 Henrici 5.

1. Touching Appeals and Indidtments.
2. Touching Exigents against any in Lancashire.
3. Touching Protections for such as served the King in Normandy.
4. Touching the amending of Records.
5. For making of Sheriffs and Escheators.
6. Touching the Mint and Coinage at Calais.
7. Against: the Men of Riddefdale offending in Northumberland, and other Places.
8. Against Scholars of Oxford hunting by Night.
9. Abbots and other Religious Persons discharged of Collection of Dismes out of the County where they dwell.
10. Touching the Measure of Keels to carry Sea-Coals from Newcastle.
11. Against Washers and Clippers of Money.
12. Touching Rochester Bridge.

Other Statutes made in the same Ninth Year.

1. Confirmation of all Statutes not repealed concerning Gold and Silver.
2. Concerning the Exchanges in London.
3. Touching the Payment of Exchange.
4. For bringing of the Money received for the Exchange to the Tower.
5. Touching the Mint at Calais.
6. For good Allay in the Monies.
7. For the Weight of Nobles, Half Nobles, and Farthings of Gold.
8. For Commissioners to inquire of Counterfeiters and Makers of false Weights.
9. Touching Exchange to the Court of Rome.
10. For Relief of the Collectors of Dismes and Quinzismes.
11. Certain Roads about Abingdon shall be repaired.

Anno 1 Henrici VI.

1. Touching the Mints at York and Bristol.
2. That the Sheriff make Proclamation of the Statutes of Purveyors.
3. Against Riots by Irishmen.
4. Touching the Mint and Exchanges.
5. For the Gains of the Wars to be dedutcted for the Wages of such as were retained to serve the King.
6. The Statute of 9 H. 5. cap. 9. touching Security for Exchanges to be made by Merchants of the Court of Rome, revived.

Anno 2 Henrici 6.

1. confirmation of Liberties granted to holy Church, and to Cities and Boroughs.
2. Touching the Privileges of the Hofpital of St. Leonard in York
3. That John Duke of Bedford, being in the King's Wars in France, be received by his Attorney to defend his Right in any Action.
4. For the Staple at Calais.
5. Concerning Shipping of Woolls, &c.
6. Against carrying of Gold and Silver out of the Realm.
7. Against Cordwainers using the Mystery of Tanners.
8. For expelling Irishmen.
9. For abolishing the Money called Blanks.
A Penalty on deceitful Workers of Gold and Silver Embroidery.
Concerning the Reverfal of Outlawries againft Perfons in the King's Service.
The Juistices to remove Nusiances in the Thames
10. Officers in the King's Courts.
11. For the Measure of Vessels of Wine,&c.
12. The Mint Matter shall keep the Allay of White Money according to the Indenture.
13. For the Price of Silver Plate, and for the Increase of White Money.
14. Touching Goldsmiths selling Harness of Silver.
15. For Punishment of Servants, &c. taking unreasonable Wages.
16. Against Nets and Engines in the Thames, and other Rivers.
17. Remedy for thofe in Reverfion, where the particular Tenants have loft by Default.
18. Persons indidcted of High Treason, escaping out of Prison, shall be adjudged Traitors.

Anno 3 Henrici 6.

1. Against Chapiters and Congregations of Masons.
2. Against the carrying of Sheep into Flanders, and other Places beyond the Seas.
3. Against concealing of the King's Customs.
4. Touching the Transportation of Butter and Cheese.
5. Touching the River Lee running from Ware to Thames

Anno 4 Henrici 6.

1. Concerning the Duty of Sheriffs, and against the imbezilling of Writs.
2. For Protections of such as served in the King's Wars in Normandy.
3. Confirmation of an Act, 9 H. 5. cap. 4. for Amendments of Records.
4. Suits and Writs against certain Knights newly made, shall not abate.
5. Confirmation of the Statute 17 R.2. cap. 7. touching Transportation of Corn.

Anno 6 Henrici 6

1. Touching Process upon Indictments in the King's Bench.
2. How long Time Panells in Assises shall be delivered to the Parties before the Sessions of the Justices.
3. Touching Wages of Husbandmen, and Punishment of Labourers taking more.
4. Concerning the Eledtion of Knights and Burgesses of the Parliament.
5. Concerning Sewers, with the Form of the Commission.
6. For shipping of Goods at Melcombe Regis, and conveying them to Calais.

Anno 8 Henrici 6.

1. FOR the Liberties of the Clergy coming to the Convocation.
2. For the Staple of Denmark.
3. Touching Sewers.
4. Against Retainers, and giving of Liveries.
5. For a common Balance and Weight to be in every City, Borough, and Market Town, and againft the buying of Woollen Yarn.
6. Against casting of seditious and threatening Bills into Mens Houses.
7. Concerning the Elections of Knights of the Parliament.
8. Touching the Wages of Labourers and Servants.
9. An Act to repress forcible Entries.
10. Concerning Process upon Indidctments and Appeal's of Persons dwelling in foreign Counties. 11. For taking of Appreniices by the Citizens of London.
12. For amending of Records, and against imbeziling them.
13. Touching Protections for suhch as shall go over Sea with the King.
14. Against Felons and Murderers that hide themselves in Woods.
15. For Amendment of Records.
16. Touching Inquisitions taken by Escheators.
17. Concerning the Staple at Calais.
18. For Prices of Staple Wares, and for the Mint at Calais.
19. Against the privy Conveyance of Merchandizes out of the Realm.
20. Touching the Inhabitants of Calais, using to buy Staple Wares.
21. Repeal of all Licences granted to Men of Nevjcajile and Berwick for shipping to other Places than Calais.
22. Against clacking and forcing of Woolls.
23. Against cutting of Woollen Threads, and sending them beyond Sea for Thrums.
24. Against Payments in Gold made to Merchants Aliens.
25. For the Continuance of the Mayor of the Staple in his Office for two Years.
26. For the Punishment of such Defendants, as in Assises or any personal Anions make default, to put any Lords, Mayors, &c. from their jurisdiction.
27. For the free Passage of Trows and other Vessels through the River of Severn by the Inhabitants of Tewksbury.
28. For erecting Two-Bridges upon the Waters of Burford and Culhamford, in the Highway betwixt Abington and Dorchester.
29. For Inquests between Aliens and Denizens.

Anno 9 Henrici 6.

1. ACT for the Adjournment of Assises and Nisi prius during the Parliament.
2. English Merchants may sell their Merchandifes to Aliens, at Six Months Credit.
3. Confirmation of the Attainder of Owen Glendour.
4. An Idemptitate nominis shall be maintainable by Executors.
5. All Men may have free Passage in the River of Severn.
6. Concerning the Weights of the Borough of Dorchester.
7. Against the Extortion of the Sheriffs of the County of Hereford.
8. A Weigh of Cheese shall weigh Thirty-two Cloves, and every Clove Eight Pound.
9. For the cleansing and scouring of the River of Lee.
10. Confirmation of the Statute 3 H. 5. cap. 2. concerning Attornies in Courts Baron for Abbots and religious Persons.
11. Before a Writ of Bastardy shall be awarded. Proclamations thereof shall be made in Chancery, &c.

Anno 10 Henrici 6.

1. FOR the Validity of Recognizances of Debts taken before the Mayor of Calais.
2. Touching the Eleftion of the Knights of the Parliament.
3. For Reprisal of Goods taken by them of Denmark.
4. For the true Entry of Appearances by Philizers and Exigenters.
5. For Reparation of the Banks and Beacons at Calais.
6. Touching Process upon Indictments and Appeals removed into the King's Bench.
7. Against the shipping of Staple Ware to other Places than to Calais.

Anno 10 Henrici 6. Stat. 2.

FOR the Wages of the Judges, King's Serjeant, & c.

Anno 11 Henrici 6.

1. ACT against Stewholders in Southwark, and prohibiting them to be impanelled upon Juries.
2. Against naming & Sheriffs Disseisors in Assise.
3. An Assise or other Action shall be maintainable against the Pernours of the Profits.
4. Plaintiffs in Writs of Attaint shall recover Costs and Damages.
5. He in the Reversion may have Waste against the Pernours of the Profits.
6. No Suit before Justices or Commissioners shall be discontinued by a new Comisission.
7. Continuation of an Act 9 H.6. cap .7. against the Extortion of Sheriffs of Herefordshire.
8. Confirmation of the Statutes for true Weights and Measures.
9. The Length and Breadth of Cloths called Streits.
10. He which sueth to defeat Execution of a Statute removed by Corpus cum causa, shall find Surety to satisfy both the King and the Party.
11. Against Assaults made upon Lords or others coming to the Parliament.
12. Concerning Wax Chandlers.
13. Confirmation of a Statute 8 H. 6. concerning the Staple, and for selling Wares for ready Money.
14. Against shipping of Staple Merchandizes in Creeks.
15. For Punishment of Customers which will not discharge the Merchant that hath paid his Custom.
16. Against Customers making blank Cockets to Merchants.

Anno 14 Henrici 6.

1. That Justices of Nisi prius may give Judgment, as well where Traitors and Felons be acquitted, as where they be convicted.
2. Against Licences for shipping of Woolls.
3. The Assises for the County of Cumberland shall be holden at Carlisle.
4. Justices of Peace in Middlesex may keep their Sessions but twice in the Year.
5. For shipping of Merchandizes only to the Staple.
6. For Aliens to fell Victuals in Grofs or Retail.
7. Concerning taking of Frizes upon the Seas.
8. The Statute against the breaking of Safe Conduits and Truces, suspended.

Anno 15 Henrici 6

1. Concerning Suits before the Steward and Marshal of the King's House.
2. For carrying of Corn over the Seas.
3. The Clause Vidimus shall not be put in Safe Conducts.
4. None shall sue forth a Subpæna, until he find Surety to satisfy the Defendant's Costs and Damages, if he do not verify his Bill.
5. Touching the Sufficiency of Jurors returned in Writs of Attaint.
6. Against unlawful Orders made by Guilds and Fraternities.
7. Touching the Wapentakes of Sandcliffe and Frendles in the County of York, and that religious Persons may make Attornies in the Courts holden for these Places, and in all other such Places.
8. Against Carriage of Staple Ware not customed.

Anno 18 Henrici 6

1. LETTERS Patents shall bear the Date of the Delivery of the King's Warrant into the Chancery.
2. Such as have Gavelkind Lands to the Value of Twenty Pounds per Annum, may be returned for Jurors in Attaints.