The Statutes at Large (Ruffhead)/Volume 9/Appendix (Contents)




51 Hen. 3.
1. DICTUM de Kenilworth, Page 1
12 Edw. 1.
2. Statutum Wallie 3
13 Edw. 1.
3. Statuta Civitatis London' edita apud Westm 12
4. Forma concessionis et exemplificationis cartarum, 13
14 Edw. 1.
5. Statutum Exonie, 14
6. Articuli Statuti Exonie 15
15 Edw. 2.
7. Exilium Hugonis le Despenser patris et filii, 16
8. Ne quis occasionetur pro feioniis seu transgressionibus factis in prosecutione Hugonis le Despenser patris et filii, 18
9. Forma chartarum prosequentibus Hugh le Despenser patrem et filium concessarum, 19
10. A Statute revoking the Pardon granted to the Pursuers of the Despensers, ib.
16 Edw 2. A. D. 1323.
11. A Statute revoking an Establishment of the Houshold, 21
12. A Statute of Estreats, 22
17 Edw. 2. A. D. 1324.
13. Statutum de terris Templariorum, 23,
Temporibus incertis.
14. Statutum quod vocatur de Ragman de justiciariis assignatis, 25;
15. Consuetudines et assisa de foresta sive articuli de attachimentis foreste, ib.
16. Statutum armorum ad torniamenta, 26
17. Statutum de visu terre et essonio de servitio Domini Regis, 27
18. Statutum de justiciariis assignatis, ib
19. Compositio ulnarum et perticarum, ib.
20. Statutum de brevi de inquisitionibus concedendo de terris ad manum mortuam ponendis, 28
21. Statutum dejudeismo, ib.
22. Statutum de Catall' felonum, 29
23. Statutum pro tenentibus per legem Anglie, ib.
24. Prohibitio formata de statuto articulorum cleri, ib.
25. Articuli et sacramenta ministrorum regis in itinere justiciariorum, 30
26. De magnis assisis et duellis, ib.
27. De dimissione (seu divisione) denariorum, 31
28. An Ordinance for Measures, ib.
1 Edw. 3. A. D. 1327.
29. A Confirmation of the Banishment of Hugh Spencer the Father, and Hugh Spencer the Son, ib.
30. None shall be impeached which took Part with the King against his Father, 32
31. The Repeal of the Exile made void, ib.
32. The Executors of those that were wrongfully slain shall have Action to recover their Testators Goods. All Assurances made to the Rebels by Duress shall be void, ib.
10 Edw. 3. A. D. 1336.
33. Statutum de cibariis utendis editum apud Nottingham, 33
14 Edw. 3. A. D. 1340.
34. Reciting some former Grants, and limiting the Custom on Wool, Plate, &c. 34
15 Edw. 3. A. D. 1341.
35. A Confirmation of the Great Charter and former Statutes, 35
36. The Peers of the Realm and great Officers for great Offences shall be tried in Parliament, ib.
37. The Chancellor and other great Officers to swear to keep the Laws, 36
38. At every Parliament the King may take several great Offices into his Hands, and retain them four or five Days. Those that attempt Suits against the Laws and Statutes of the Realm shall answer it in Parliament, ib.
39. Punishment of Usury by the King or the Ordinaries, ib.
40. Ministers of the Church shall not answer before the King's Justices for Things done touching the Jurisdiction of the Church, ib.
25 Edw. 3. A. D. 1350.
41. The King granteth to the Commons an Aid of Disme and Fifteen by them before granted to him, all the Issues, Fines, Forfeitures and Amerciaments levied of Labourers, Artificers, Regrators, Victuallers and Servants, 37
31 Edw. 3.
42. Ordinatio facta pro statu terras Hibernie, ib.
46 Edw. 3.
43. Rotulus Parliament de Anno Regni Regis Edwardi Tertii, quadrageiimo sexto, 43
10 Rich. 2.
44. The King's Commission to the Chancellor and others to examine into the State of his Courts, Revenues, Grants and Officers Fees, 46.
11 Rich. 2.
45. The Archbishop of York and others attainted of High Treason, 49
46. Clause to prevent fraudulent Conveyances of their Estates, 52
47. The Estates of the Bishop of Chichester and others also forfeited, 53
48. The Penalty of concealing any Part of the said Estates after Proclamation made. Estates possessed by a Traitor in another's Right, excepted, ib.
49. Issues in Tail, and Jointures of Women also excepted, ib.
50. Penalty of petitioning the King for any Grant of the said Estates, during the War. 54
21 Rich. 2. A. D. 1397.
51. A Repeal of the Commission granted by the King to certain Noblemen to inquire into certain Abuses, and of the Statutes made 10 Rich. 2. 54
2 Hen. 5.
52. De unione jurium et possessionum comitatus Hereford Ducatui Lane. f'ca 56
3 Hen. 5.
53. De ducatu Lancast & ip'ius seaescallis, 60
8 Hen. 6.
54. The Citizens of London may take Apprentices according to their antient Customs, ib.
55. There shall not be excepted in the Protections of those that shall go with the King into France, Assize of Novel Disseisin, 61
56. Wools, Fells, &c. shipped out of England, Wales or Ireland, for any Place but Calais, shall be forfeited by the double, except by Merchants of Jean, Venice, &c. ib.
57. Certain Ordinances made for the Prices of Merchandises, and Maintenance of the Town and Mint of Calais, 62
58. If a Mariner shall receive into his Ship any Merchandises, or carry them to any other Place than to the Staple at Calais, the Goods and Ship shall be forfeited, ib.
59. No Merchant of Calais shall buy beyond the Sea, any Merchandise of the Staple, 63
60. A Repeal of all Licences granted to Men of Newcastle and Berwick, to carry Merchandises to other Places than to Calais. ib.
61. The Mayor of the Staple of Calais shall continue two Years in his Office, ib.
62. A Remedy for the Inhabitants of Tewkesbury in the County of Gloucester, against the Commonalty of the Forest of Dean, &c. to prevent future Robberies and Injuries to the Navigation on the Severn, 64
9 Hen. 6. A. D. 1430.
63. All Assises and Nisi prius shall be adjourned during this Parliament until certain Days, 65
64. English Merchants may sell their Merchandise to Aliens, giving them only six Months Credit, notwithstanding the Statute of 8 Hen. 6. c. 24. ib.
65. The Proceedings against Owen Glendour, attainted of High Treason, shall stand good, notwithstanding any Error ,Misprision, &c. but shall not prejudice his Heirs, 66
66. No Sheriff, &c. of the County of Hereford shall extort Money, or do Wrong in his Turn, by Colour of his Office, ib.
67. A Rehearsal and Confirmation of the Statute of 3 Hen. 1. c. 2. authorising certain Abbots and other religious Persons to make their Attornies, 67
10 Hen. 6. A. D. 1432.
68. Recognizances taken before the Mayor, &c. of Calais, shall be effectual in England, ib.
69. A Rehearsal of the Statute of 21 R 2. c. 18. touching the Maintenance of certain Places about Calais, 68
70. All Wools and Wool Fells, that shall be carried to any other Place than to Calais, shall be forfeited to the King and the Finder, ib.
11 Hen 6. A. D. 1433.
71. They that dwell at the Stews in Southwark, shall not be impannelled in Juries, nor keep any Inn or Tavern but there, 69
72. The Statute of 9 H. 6. c 7. which restraineth the Sheriff of the County of Hereford to take Money by Extortion, &c. revived for three Years. 69
73. What Wax Chandlers shall take for their Work of Wax, 70
74. A Confirmation for three Years of the Statute of 8 Hen. 6. c. 18. that Wool, &c. brought to Calais shall be sold for ready Money, ib.
75. It shall be Felony to ship or carry any Merchandises of the Staple in Creeks, during three Years, ib,
14 Hen. 6. A.D. 1435.
76. Wools and Fells shall not be exported but to Calais. Special Exceptions in favour of the King and his Council, and the Merchants of Venice, Jean, &c. 71
77. Merchandises of the Staple Shipped in Creeks shall be forfeited, ib.
78. No Merchants shall ship any Merchandises of the Staple but at Wharfs assigned, &c. 72
18 Hen. 6. A. D. 1439
79. No Merchant Alien shall sell any Merchandises in England to another Merchant Alien. Mayors, &c. of Cities and Towns to execute this Act, ib.
80. It shall be Felony to carry Wool or Woolfells to any other Place than to Calais, saving such which pass thro' the Straits of Marrock, 74
20 Hen. 6. A. D. 1441.
81. It shall be High Treason for Welshmen to take and carry away Engishmen or their Goods into Wales, or there to with-hold them, ib.
82. A Reformation of the Partition of Money, arising by the Sale of Wools and Woolfels, by the Mayor and Constable of Calais, ordered for seven Years, 75
23 Hen. 6. A. D. 1444.
83. Welshmen indicted of Treason or Felony, that do repair into Herefordshire, shall be apprehended and imprisoned, or else pursued by Hue and Cry, and a Forfeiture of those which do not pursue them, ib.
84. No new Impositions shall be laid on them which buy Wines in Gascoyn or Guyen, by any of the King's Officers in those Parts, upon Pain of Forfeiture of twenty Pounds and treble damages, 76
25 Hen. 6. A. D. 1447.
85. All Statutes made against Welchmen confirmed. All Grants of Markets and Fairs to any Welshmen shall be void. The King's Villains in North Wales, shall be constrained to such Labour as they have done before, ib.
27 Hen. 6. A. D. 1448.
86. No Licence shall be available to carry Wools, Fells, or Tin, to any Place out of the Realm but to Calais. 77
87. A Rehearsal and Confirmation for three Years of the Statute of 20 Hen. 6. c. 3. provided against Welshmen that take any Engishmen, their Goods and Chattels, and carry them into Wales, 78
88. The King's Pardon granted to all Priests, as well seculars as religious, of several Offences, Forfeitures, &c. 79
28 Hen. 6. A. D. 1449.
89. Felony for any Welsh or Lancashire Man to take other Men, their Goods or Chattels, under Colour of Distress, where they have no Cause, ib.
29 Hen. 6. A. D. 1450.
90. John Cade attainted of Treason, and his Lands, Tenements, &c. given to the King, and his Blood corrupt, 80
31 Hen. 6. A. D. 1452
91. John Cade shall be adjudged a Traitor, and all Indictments and Acts done by his Authority shall be void, ib.
92. 81
93. A Remedy for several Extortions committed by the Officers of the Exchequer. 82
94. No Person brewing Ale or Beer in Kent to be sold, shall, during five Years, make above an hundered Quarters of Malt to his own Use, 83
95. No wrought Silk belonging to the Mystery of Silk Women, shall be brought into this Realm by the way of Merchandize, during five Years, ib.
96. Certain Privileges granted to the Abbot of Fountain, in the County of York ib.
1 Edw. 4.
97. Conviccio quor'dam d'nor' et alior' aucloritate parliamenti, 84
98. De Lancaster duche. 92.
3 Edw. 4. A. D. 1463.
99. What Kind of Apparel Men and Women of every Vocation and Degree are allowed, and what prohibited to wear, 93
4 Edw. 4.
100. From what Places and on what Conditions, English Wools shall be exported to Calais. 95
101. Certain Wools, Fells &c. which may be exported from Newcastle to the Staple at Calais. Penalty on those who do contrary to this Ordinance. 96
102. A Restraint for three Years of the Custom of contracting for Wool in certain Counties before it is shorn, unless it he used for Cloth or Yarn. 96
103. Merchandizes from the Duke of Burgundy's Countries prohibited, till English wrought Cloths are received there. 97
104. Patten-makers may make Pattens of such Asp as is not fit for Shafts, 98
105. What Persons shall take Passage, or land at Dover in Kent only, and who not. ib.
7 Edw. 4. A. D. 1467.
106. An Act for the Subsidies. 99
14 Edw. 4. A. D. 1474.
107. For the King's Tenants going in his Wars. 101
108. An Act touching Protections for such as go in the King's Wars. 102
17 Edw. 4. A. D. 1477.
109. An Alteration of Part of the Statute of 4 Ed. 4. c. 1. 103
22 Ediv. 4, A. D. 1482.
110. A Repeal of all former Statutes made touching the excess of Apparel. 104
11. An Act for the Price of Bows,. 105
1 Hen. 7.
112. Actus concernens Annex' Ducat' Lane' Cornub' et al', ib.
1 Hen. 7. A. D. 1485.
113. An Act to maintain a Formedon against the Pernor of the Profits of Lands infeoffed to Use. 108
3 Hen. 7.
114. A Certificate shall be made of Goods brought into one Port and removed to another. One man shall not enter Goods in the Name of another. 109
4 Hen. 7.
115. The Mayor of London, and his Successors, shall have the like Conservation and Authority, in all the Issues, Breaches, and Ground overflown, as far as the Waterebbeth and floweth, grown out of the River of Thames, as touching the Punishments for using unlawful Nets and Engines, as he hath within the said River. PR. 110
116. The Charges and Benefit of the Heir of Cestui que Use ib.
117. The Penalty for decaying of Houses of Husbandry, or not laying of convenient Land for the Maintenance of the same, 111
19 Hen. 7.
118. Several Charges imposed upon the. Lands: and Persons of Cestui que Use, 112.
3 Hen 8.
119. An Act for Payment of Wages to Soldiers, 113
4 Hen. 8.
120. An Act for Punishment of Murder 114
121. An Act for sealing of Clothes of Gold and Silver, ib.
122. An Act concerning Richard Strode, 115
22 Hen. 8.
123. An Act concerning the Trial of forren Pleas pleaded by Felons, ib.
23 Hen. 8.
124. An Act concerning Restraint of Payment of Annates to the See of Rome, 117
28 Hen 8.
125. An Act for the Establishment of the Imperial Crown of this Realme, 119
31 Hen. 8.
126. An Act for abolishing of Diversity of Opinions in certain Articles concerning Christian Religion, 127
32 Hen. 8.
127. An Act concerning the Lands and Goods of the Hospitals of St. John of Jerusalem in England and Ireland, to be hereafter in the King's Hands and Disposition, 133
33 Hen. 8
128. An Act concerning Cross Bows and Hand Guns, 136
129. An Act concerning certain Lordships translated from the County of Denbigh to the County of Flint, 140
1 Edw. 6
130. An Act for the punishing of Vagabonds, and for the Relief of the Poor and impotent Persons, 141
3 & 4 Edw. 6.
131. An Act touching the Punishment of Vagabonds and other idle Persons, 145
1 Mary.
132. An Act declaring the Queen's Highness to have bene borne in a most just and lawful Matrimonie, and also repealing all Acts of Parliament and Sentences of Divorce had and made to the contrary, 148
2 & 3 Phil. & Mar.
133. An Act that Purveiors shall not take Victuals within five Miles of Cambridge and Oxford, 150
1 Eliz.
134. An Acte giving Authoritee to the Qyene's Majestie upon the Avoidance of any Archbishoppriche or Bishoppriche, to take into her Handes certeine of the Temporal Possessions thereof, recompensing the same with Parsonages impropriate and Tenthes, 151
135. An Act of a Subsidie and two Fifteenes and Tenth, by the Temporaltie, 152
8 Eliz.
136. An Act for Bowyers, and the Prices of Bows, 166
13 Eliz.
137. An Act for the bringing in of Bow Staves into this Realme, 167
27 Eliz.
138. An Act for explaining of the Statute for the amending of the Highwaies betweene Middleton and the Kings Ferry, leading into the Isle of Sheppey, in the County of Kent, 168
39 Eliz.
139. An Act for Punishment of Rogues, Vagabonds, and Sturdie Beggars, 169
4 Jac. 1.
140. An Act for Explanation of the Statute made in the third Yeere of the Reigne of King James, intitled, An Act for the bringing of a fresh Streame of running Water to the North Partes of the Citie of London, 172
7 Jac. 1.
141. An Act for the bringing of fresh Streams of Water, by Engine, from Hackney Marsh, to the Citie of London, for the Benefit of the King's Colledge at Chelsey, 173
12 Car. 2. AD. 1660.
142. An Act erecting and establishing a Post-Office, 175
13 Car. 2. Stat. 1.
143. An Act for ascertayning and establishing the Fees of the Matters of the Chancery in ordinary, 178
144. An Act for Safety and Preservation of his Majesty's Person and Government against treasonable and seditious Practices and Attempts, 180
145. An Act for the establishing Articles and Orders for the regulating and better Government of his Majesty's Navies, Ships of War, and Forces by Sea, 182
13 & 14 Car. 2.
146. An Act for establishing an additional Revenue upon his Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, for the better Support of his and their Crown and Dignity, 186
147. An Act for providing of Carriage by Land and by Water, for the Use of his Majesty's Navy and Ordnance, 189
148. An Act for preventing Abuses in Printing seditious, treasonable, and unlicensed Books and Pamphlets, and for regulating of Printing, and Printing Presses, 190
17 Car. 2.
149. An Act for continuance of a former Act for regulating the Press, 196
1 Jac. 2.
150. An Act for erecting a new Parish to be called the Parish of St. James, within the Liberty of Westminster, 197
1 W.& M.
151. An Act for a Grant to their Majesties of an Aid of twelve Pence in the Pound for one Year, for the necessary Defence of their Realms, 203
2 W. & M.
152. An Act for preventing vexatious Suits against such as acted for their Majesties Service in Defence of the Kingdom. 212
5 & 6 W. & M.
153. An Act for raising Money by a Poll, payable quarterly for one Year, for carrying on a vigorous War against France, ib.
154. An Act for the licencing and regulating Hackney Coaches and Stage Coaches, 213
6 W. & M.
155. An Act for granting to his Majesty certain Rates and Duties upon Marriages, Births and Burials, and upon Batchelors and Widowers, for the Term of five Years, for carrying on the War against France with Vigour, 216
1 Ann.
156. An Act for enabling her Majesty to appoint Commissioners to treat for an Union between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland, 231
4 Ann.
157. An Act to prevent Frauds frequently committed by Bankrupts, 232
5 Ann.[typo 1]
158. An Act to explain and amend an Act of the last Session of Parliament, for preventing Frauds frequently committed by Bankrupts, 235
  1. The relevant act is in 6 Ann by other sources.