The Statutes of Wales (1908)/Preface

The Statutes of Wales  (1908)  edited by Ivor Bowen


The parliamentary enactments relating to Wales have not been, and are not now, easily accessible. There are very few libraries which contain a complete collection of the statutes at large. I have collected in this volume all the Acts of Parliament and parts thereof which refer to Wales, in order that they may be placed, for the first time, within the reach of those who are interested in the constitutional development and history of the Welsh nation. I commenced this somewhat laborious work many years ago, but professional duties delayed its completion. I have received much assistance from Mr. John Ballinger, the learned librarian of the Welsh Reference Library belonging to the City of Cardiff, and desire to acknowledge the many facilities granted to me by him for making use of that splendid collection.

I wish to thank my two learned friends, Mr. Charles Henry Glascodine and Mr. Harold S. Stowe, of the South Wales Circuit, and also Mr. John Henry Jermine, for their valuable aid in preparing this work for the press.


Goldsmith Buildings, Temple. April 10, 1908.