The Strand Magazine/Volume 2/Issue 7/Portraits of Celebrities

The Strand Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 7
edited by George Newnes
Portraits of Celebrities at different times of their Lives
The Duke of Fife. Mrs. Beerbohm Tree. George Augustus Sala. Henry Stacy Marks. Miss Mary Moore. David James. Max O'Rell.
4034865The Strand Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 7 — Portraits of Celebrities at different times of their Lives

Portraits of Celebrities at different times of their Lives.


Born 1849.

Age 11.
From a Photo. by Maull & Fox.
Age 25.
From a Photo. by Maull & Fox.
Age 41.
From a Photo. by Watery.

O UR first portrait of the Duke of Fife, in which he is fitly represented in the native costume of his country, was taken in the year 1860, when he was eleven years old. His title was at that time Lord Macduff. He was then preparing for Eton, which, in due course, he entered, and where he was extremely popular. At the age of twenty-five, at which date the second of our portraits represents him, he had just entered the House of Commons as the Member for Elgin and Nairn—a position which he continued to occupy for five years. It is interesting to compare with this presentment of the Duke the portrait of his future wife, taken at about the same date, which we gave in our last number, and which represents her as a charming little girl of six. Such was her appearance when the Duke, as the friend and neighbour of the Prince of Wales in Scotland, first knew the young Princess, with whom he was afterwards to make the happiest and most popular of marriages. The Duke of Fife is a partner in the London banking firm of Sir Samuel Scott & Co. He is also Lord Lieutenant of Elginshire, and Hon. Colonel of the Banffshire Artillery Volunteers.


Age 7.
From a Photo. by Hobcraft.
Age 16.
From a Photo. by Reynolds.

T HE accompanying portraits, taken from photographs, give us Mrs. Beerbohm Tree at various ages, and will be most interesting to her many admirers. As we look at them, we see the
Present Day.
From a Photo. by J. Thomson.
intelligent child growing into the gifted girl, and giving every promise of the cultivated, accomplished woman—a promise well fulfilled. Her marriage with Mr. Beerbohm Tree in 1882 was the occasion of her adopting the stage as a profession, of which she has ever since been an adornment. Her success has been very great in many and very different rôles. Hester Gould in "The Millionaire," Lady Ingram in "The Scrap of Paper," Belinda in "Engaged," and later on the Pompadour, the graceful Stella in "Captain Swift," and the loving daughter in "The Village Priest," are characters all fresh in the memory of all appreciative playgoers; and it is only to be regretted that Mrs. Tree has been unable to take part in the production at the Haymarket of "The Dancing Girl," which has created the greatest sensation of any play yet produced there. Mrs. Tree's return to the stage, which takes place this month, is a matter of congratulation to all playgoers who admire intelligence and beauty in dramatic art.

We are indebted for these portraits to the kindness of Mrs. Beerbohm Tree.


Born 1829.

Age 28.
From a Painting.
Age 50.
From a Photo. by Abdullah Frères, Constantinople.
Age 34.
From a Photo. by Mayall.

M R. GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA may be pronounced the most famous and popular journalist the
Age 62.
From a Photo. by Walery.
Victorian era has produced. In 1846, when he was but 17 years of age, he was scene painter to the late William Beverley at the Princess's Theatre. Two years later we find him a draughtsman on wood and editor of a paper called Chat. In 1850 he painted the comic panorama for Soyer's Symposium, and at the age of 23 he joined Household Words with the friend of his childhood, Charles Dickens. He remained with Dickens till 1856, having meanwhile engraved the panorama of the Duke of Wellington's funeral, which somewhat impaired his eyesight. He then visited Russia to learn the language, and a year later joined The Daily Telegraph. Mr. G. A. Sala is now in his 62nd year, and his pen is as vigorous, powerful, and picturesque as in the days of his youth.


Born 1820.

Age 19.
From a Daguerreotype.
Age 23.
From a Photograph.
Age 27.
From a Photograph.
Age 41.
From a Photo. by Elliott & Fry.

A T 19, Mr. Marks was studying art at Leigh's Academy. At 23 he was a Royal Academy student. At 27, he had just painted his great picture, "Toothache in the Middle Ages." At 41 he was elected an A.R.A.; in 1878, R.A. By the courtesy of Mr. Marks, the second of our "Illustrated Interviews" will give a most interesting account of himself and his work.

Present day.
From a Photo. by Elliott & Fry.


Age 12.Age 16.
From a Photo. by Wilkins & Haigh.From a Photo. by Paul de Witt.

Age 25.
From a Photo. by Barraud.
Present day.
From a Photo. by Barraud.

M ISS MARY MOORE'S association with dramatic art commenced when, a child of three, she appeared in some private theatricals as a fairy in "Cinderella." She was but sixteen years of age when she married James Albery, of "Two Roses" fame. In September, 1885, she was playing with Charles Wyndham in "The Candidate" at Liverpool, and she afterwards came to London to join the regular Criterion company. The success she achieved received emphatic endorsement in Berlin, where she played Ada Ingot in "David Garrick," in German, and shared with Mr. Wyndham the laurels won from the critical German audiences. Miss Moore's presence on the stage is distinguished by grace, sweetness, and beauty, and her appearance in a new character is always regarded with interest.


Age 25.
From a Photo. by Naudin.
Age 36.
From a Photo. by Elliott & Fry.
Age 39.
From a Photo. by Bertin, Brighton.
Present day.
From a Photo. by The Stereoscopic Co.

F ROM the Princess's Theatre, then under the management of Charles Kean, Mr. David James, quite a young lad, migrated to the Royalty Theatre, where, in Burnand's "Ixion," he played the part of Mercury. Six years afterwards he took an important step by assuming the management of the Vaudeville Theatre, in association with Harry Montague and Thomas Thorne. There "Two Roses" was produced, Mr. James playing Our Mr. Jenkins; and on January 16, 1875, the ever-memorable "Our Boys" commenced its phenomenal career. Mr. James's admirable and masterly performance of Perkyn Middlewick lifted him at once into the front rank of comedians; and night after night, for four years and three months, the Vaudeville was the scene of as honest and healthful laughter as was ever heard within a theatre's walls. In 1886 he went to the Gaiety Theatre, and was afterwards specially engaged by Mr. Charles Wyndham. There are few more popular comedians than Mr. James.


Born 1848.

Age 13.
From a Photograph.
Age 21.
From a Photograph.
Age 17.
From a Photo. by Sée, Strasburg.
Present day.
From a Photo. by Martin & Sallnow.

P AUL BLOUËT ("Max O'Rell") was born in Brittany, and received his commission in the French cavalry at the age of 21. Having been severely wounded, he retired with a pension, and came to England. In 1882, while master at St. Paul's School, he published the enormously successful "John Bull and His Island." Max O'Rell married an English lady, who translates all his books into English, and who is herself—as the reader may judge for himself by the following story—a charming writer.