The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 13/Portraits of Celebrities

The Strand Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 13
edited by George Newnes
Portraits of Celebrities at Different Times of their Lives.
4049357The Strand Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 13 — Portraits of Celebrities at Different Times of their Lives.

Portraits of Celebrities at different times of their Lives.


Born 1834.

Age 24.
From a Photograph.
Age 35.
From a Photo. by W. & D. Downey.

M R. SANTLEY was born at Liverpool, and received a thorough musical training in
Present Day.
From a Photo. by Elliott & Fry.
England and under Gaetano Nava in Milan. At twenty-three he appeared at St. Martin's Hall as Adam in the "Creation." From that time to the present few figures have been so familiar and so popular as Mr. Santley's. He is acknowledged to be the finest English baritone singer of the day, and the master not only of a voice of rare power and beauty, but of a taste and feeling almost rarer. Mr. Santley is also an enthusiastic amateur painter. He married a granddaughter of Charles Kemble, and one of his daughters has inherited his gifts and followed his profession.


Age 2½.
From a Photograph.
Age 22.
From a Photograph.
Age 16.
From a Photo. by London Stereo. Co.
Present Day.
From a Photo. by Barroud.

M ISS FANNY BROUGH is the daughter of Robert Brough (who died at the early age of thirty-two), the well-known journalist and dramatic author; her mother (who is still alive) being the niece of Miss Romer, the celebrated vocalist. Miss Brough was born in Paris, and made her first appearance in London on the stage of the St. James's, on October 15, 1870, in Sutherland Edwards' adaptation of "Fernande," in which she played the title rôle. After playing on tour, she appeared as Clara Douglas in Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft's celebrated revival of "Money." Miss Brough then went to the Gaiety, and was afterwards engaged by Mr. Charles Wyndham. Among Miss Brough's most conspicuous successes were Fuchsia Leach in "Moths," and her creation of Petrella in the Spanish play of "The Woman and the Law," for the excellence of which performance she was presented by Señor Leopoldo Casa-y-Mano, the author of the novel and original play, with his portrait, accompanied by a most complimentary letter. Miss Brough is now playing Mrs. Egerton Bompas in Mr. Pinero's new play, "The Times."


Born 1849.

Age 19.
From a Photo. by Le Gray, Paris.
Age 25.
From a Photo. by London Stereo. Co.
Age 35.
From a Photo. by E. J. Stoneham.
Age 42.
From a Photo. by London Stereo. Co.

M R. DAVID EVANS was born at Llantrissant, Glamorganshire, and is the first Welshman who has become Lord Mayor for nearly a century. He is sole partner of the firm of Messrs. Evans & Sons, warehousemen, of Watling-street, in which he already occupied a leading position at the age at which our first portrait represents him. At twenty-five, the age of our second portrait, he was elected to a seat in the Court of Common Council—the beginning of a distinguished career in the public service. At thirty-five, the age of our third portrait, he was returned as Alderman, and the next year was elected without opposition to the position of Sheriff of London and Middlesex. He resides at Ewell Grove, a fine old mansion, and was, until last year, master of the Surrey Farmers' staghounds. The Lord Mayor is married, and has a family of eight children.


Born 1841.

Age 26.
From a Photo. by Cundall, Downes & Co.
Age 35.
From a Photo. by Sarony & Co.

C LEMENT SCOTT, whose dramatic criticisms in The Daily Telegraph are among the
Age 50.
From a Photo. by Walery.
best-known and most powerful of the day, and who is the author of many popular books and plays, is the son of the Rev. William Scott, vicar of St. Olave, Old Jewry, was born at Christ Church Parsonage, Hoxton, and educated at Marlborough College. He was appointed to a clerkship in the War Office, 1860, and retired on a pension in 1879, when he joined the editorial staff of The Daily Telegraph.


Born 1821.

Age 12.
From a Painting.
Age 18.
From a Pencil Drawing.
Age 42.
From a Photo. by H. J. Gent.
Age 52.
From a Photo. by Stereo. Co.

T HE Rt. Hon. Sir James Hannen, the eldest son of Mr. James Hannen, merchant, was born
Age 70.
From a Photo. by Byrne & Co., Richmond.
at Kingswood, Surrey, and educated at St. Paul's School, and at the University of Heidelberg. He was called to the bar at the age of twenty-six. At forty-seven he was made a puisne judge of the Queen's Bench, and received the honour of knighthood. In 1872 he was appointed judge of the Court of Probate and Divorce. Lord Hannen was the head of the Commission of Judges appointed to investigate the charges brought against the Irish party by The Times.

For permission to use these portraits we are indebted to the kindness of Sir James Hannen.


Born 1836.

Age 16.
From a Painting by himself.
Age 37.
From a Photo. by Fradélle & Marshall.
Age 27.
From a Photo. by J. Dupont, Auvers.
Present Day.
From a Photo. by W. H. Grove.

M R. LAURENCE ALMA-TADEMA was born at Dronryp, in Friesland, and at sixteen was studying art at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, where he painted the portrait of himself which forms the first of our series. At twenty-seven, after placing himself with Baron Leys, whom he assisted in painting several large pictures, he became a Member of the Academy of Fine Arts at Amsterdam. At the age of our third portrait, he received letters of denization from the Queen of England, having resolved to settle permanently in this country. Three years later he was elected A.R.A., and in 1879 R.A. He has been twice married; his present wife, the youngest daughter of Dr. Epps, whose cocoa is of world-wide fame, being herself an accomplished artist, and a regular contributor to the Royal Academy and other leading exhibitions.