The Sunday Times/1936/Mr. Thomas Wright

Mr. Thomas Wright

Mr. Thomas Wright, the author and authority on Cowper, died at his residence at Cowper School, Olney, Bucks, on Friday of bronchial pneumonia. he had been ailing for some time, but was only confined to his bed for a day.

He was founder-secretary of the Cowper Society, the William Blake Society, and the John Payne Society.

One of the great dreams of his life, the establishment of a Cowper Museum at Olney, was realised at the Cowper Centenary in 1900, when Mr. W. H. Collingridge presented the poet's house to the town and nation. Mr. Wright leaves a widow, a son, and two daughters.

A memorial service will be held in Cowper Memorial Congregational Church on Tuesday at 10 a.m. The cremation will take place at Golders Green.