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The Supreme Court in United States History


Volume One

Preface v
Abbreviations of Titles of Books Frequently Cited xv
Introductory Chapter 1
I. The First Courts and the Circuits 31
II. State Sovereignty and Neutrality. 91
III. Chief Justices Rutledge and Ellsworth 124
IV. Marshall, Jefferson and the Judiciary 169
V. The Mandamus Case 231
VI. Impeachment and Treason 269
VII. Judge Johnson and the Embargo 316
VIII. Pennsylvania and Georgia against the Court 366
IX. Judge Story, the War and Federal Supremacy 400
X. The Judges and the Court-rooms 454
XI. Corporate Charters and Bankruptcy 474
XII. The Bank of the United States 499

Volume Two

Abbreviations of Titles of Books Frequently Cited ix
XIII. Virginia against the Court 1
XIV. International Law 25
XV. The Steamboat Monopoly Case 47
XVI. Kentucky against the Court 93
XVII. Judiciary Reform 112
XVIII. Constitutional Law and Daniel Webster 146
XIX. The Cherokee Cases and President Jackson 189
XX. The Last Years of Chief Justice Marshall 240
XXI. Chief Justice Taney and Whig Pessimism 275
XXII. Corporations and Slavery 313
XXIII. Federal Powers, Tyler and the Girard Will Case 857
XXIV. State Powers, Commerce and Boundaries 408
XXV. Slavery and State Defiance 480

Volume Three

Abbreviations of Titles of Books Frequently Cited ix
XXVI. The Dred Scott Case 1
XXVII. The Booth Case, and Congressional Attacks 42
XXVIII. Civil War and Chief Justice Chase 80
XXIX. The Milligan Case 140
XXX. Reconstruction 177
XXXI. The Legal Tender Cases 220
XXXII. The Slaughterhouse Cases and the Death of Chase 255
XXXIII. Chief Justice Waite and the Fourteenth Amendment 284
XXXIV. The Civil Rights Acts 322
XXXV. Increase op Nationalism 344
XXXVI. Expansion of Judicial Powers 385
XXXVII. Chief Justices Fuller and White 418
XXXVIII. Commerce and the Police Power 451
Appendix: List of Persons Nominated as Chief Justice and as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1789-1921 479
Index 485