The Times/1883/News/Joseph Lister

The New Baronet — Mr. Joseph Lister  (1883) 

Source: The Times, Monday, Dec 31, 1883; Issue 31017; pg. 7 — THE NEW BARONET.-Mr. Joseph Lister

The New Baronet. — Mr. Joseph Lister, F.R.S., LL.D., of Park-crescent, Marylebone, one of the Surgeons-Extraordinary to Her Majesty, upon whom a patent of baronetcy has been conferred on account of his professional ability and services, is an M.B. of the University of London (1852), a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, England, and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh (1855). He was for some time Regius Professor of Surgery in the University of Glasgow, and Assistant-Surgeon and Lecturer on Surgery at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh. In 1876 he was one of the members appointed for Scotland by the Privy Council to the General Medical Council. In 1880 he received the medal of the Royal Society, and in the following year the prize of the Academy of Paris was awarded to him, for his observations and discoveries in the application of the antiseptic treatment in surgery, which has often been referred to as "Listerism." He received the degree of LL.D. at Glasgow University in 1879, D.C.L. at Oxford in 1880, and LL.D. at Cambridge in 1880. Sir Joseph Lister, according to the "Medical Directory," is the author of papers "On the Early Stages of Inflammation," &c., in the "Philosophical Transactions;" "On the Minute Structure of Involuntary Muscular Fibre," in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh;" "On the Muscular Tissue of the Skin," in the "Microscopical Journal," and of various other papers on "Surgical Pathology," &c.

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