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Obituary: Mr. Osmund Airy (1928)
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Mr. Osmund Airy

Mr. Osmund Airy, who died at Crowthorne, Berkshire, on Friday, was the youngest son of the late Sir G. B. Airy, the Astronomer Royal. and was born at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich in October, 1845. He was sent to Blackheath Proprietary School, and from there to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated 27th Wrangler in 1868. He then returned to his old school as an assistant master, but later in the year joined the staff of Wellington, where he stayed until 1876. In that year he was appointed an Inspector of Schools, and in 1904 became a divisional inspector. He retired from the educational service in 1910.

Apart from his mathematical interests, Mr. Airy was a great student of history, especially of the Stuart and Restoration periods, and was the author of a number of historical works, besides his contributions to the Encyclopædia Britannica and the Dictionary of National Biography. St. Andrews gave him its LL.D. in 1899. He was married in 1873 to Emily Josephine, daughter of the late Canon Miller, D.D. She survives him with one son and three daughters.

The funeral will be at Crowthorne to-day at 12.15.

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