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Obituary: Mr. G. W. T. Omond (1929)
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Mr. G. W. T. Omond

Mr. George William Thomson Omond, F.R. Hist. Soc., who died yesterday at Knaphill, Surrey, in his 83rd year, was a learned historian and antiquary. The son of the Rev. Dr. J. R. Omond, he was educated at Edinburgh Academy and University, and became a member of the Faculty of Advocates in 1871 and Advocate-Depute in 1885, In 1886 he contested West Perthshire as a Gladstonian Liberal. Mr. Omond will be chiefly remembered for his work n the Lord Advocates of Scotland from 1488 to 1880; among his other works were "The Arniston Memoirs," "Fletcher of Saltoun," "The Early History of the Scottish Union Question," and "The Boers in Europe." He contributed the volume on Belgium and Luxemburg to "The Nations of To-day" series.

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