The Times/1929/Obituary/Robert Mark Wenley

Obituary: Professor Wenley  (1929) 

Source: Obituary. The Times, Monday, Apr 01, 1929; Issue 45165; pg. 15 — Professor Wenley.

Professor Wenley

A Reuter telegram from Ann Arbor, Michigan, states that Professor Robert Mark Wenley, D.Phil., Sc.D., LL.D., D.C.L., Professor of Logic in the University of Michigan, died there on Friday.

Professor Wenley was born in Edinburgh on July 19, 1861, and graduated with first-class honours in philosophy from Glasgow University. After studying philosophy abroad he became Assistant Professor in Logic at Glasgow University in 1886, and in 1896 he was appointed Professor of Philosophy in Michigan University. He was Director of the British Division of the American University Union from 1925 to 1927. He was the author of "Socrates and Christ," "Aspects of Pessimism," "The University Extension Movement in Scotland," "Contemporary Theology and Theism," "Introduction to Kant," "Preparation for Christianity in the Ancient World," "Modern Thought and the Crisis in Belief" (Baldwin lectures), "Kant and His Philosophical Revolution," "The Anarchist Ideal," "Life of Robert Flint" (with Dr. Macmillan), "Life and Work of G. S. Morris," "Stoicism and its Influence," and "The Poetry of John Davidson." He was also associate editor of the "Dictionary of Philosophy" and the "Encyclopædia of Religion and Ethics."

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