The Times/1934/Obituary/George Edward Brown

Mr. G. E. Brown

Mr. George Edward Brown, F.I.C., Hon. F.R.P.S, who was for 30 years since 1904 editor of the British Journal of Photography and the British Journal Almanac, died at his home in Surbiton on Thursday in his sixty-second year. After being educated at Dorchester Grammar School and Birmingham University, where he was Tangye Scholar in Chemistry, he became an analytical chemist to the Great Western Railway Company at their works in Swindon in 1899. Mr. Brown possessed a through and extensive knowledge of photographic theory and practice, and under his guidance the British Journal has attained its present position among photographic journals. He was an expert linguist, and was responsible for many translations from French and German, not only for his own journal but for other publications. He was the author of a treatise on photographic copyright and a translation from the French on the theory and practice of photography; also of “A Book of R. L. Stephenson” and a handbook of instruction in indexing. He married, in 1911, Helen, daughter of Mr. Alfred Ellerton; she survives him with two daughters.

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