The Times/1938/Public notice/Claude Joseph Goldsmid Montefiore

Death: Claude Joseph Goldsmid Montefiore  (1938) 

Claude Joseph Goldsmid Montefiore (1858-1938)
Source: Death. The Times, Monday, Jul 11, 1938; Issue 48043; pg. 1; col B

MONTEFIORE.—On July 9, 1938, at 42, Portman Square, W.1. Claude Joseph Goldsmid Montefiore, very dear husband of Florence F. B. Goldsmid Montefiore, aged 80. Funeral private. No flowers, by request. There will be a memorial service at 6 p.m., to-day (Monday), at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, 28, St. John's Wood Road, N.W.S. and to-morrow (Tuesday), at the same hour, at the West London Synagogue, Upper Berkeley Square, W.1.

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