The Unconquered Air, and Other Poems (1912)/A Lover's "Litany to Pan"

For other versions of this work, see A Lover's "Litany to Pan".


By the germinating seed
And the blossoming of the weed,
By the fruitage that doth feed,—
Oh, hear!

By the light's reviving kiss,
By the law that wakes to bliss
Butterfly from chrysalis,
Oh, hear!

By the raptures of the Spring,
And the myriad flowers that bring
Incense at her feet to fling,
Oh, hear!

By the water-lily shrine
And the syrinx that is thine,
By its melodies divine,
Oh, hear!

By the fragrance of the glade,
By thy slumber in the shade
And thy bed, of mosses made,
Oh, hear!

By the budding mysteries
And leafy glory of the trees,—
By the human eye that sees,
Oh, hear!

By the wistful hopes that throng
To thy chantry of sweet song,
By our power to love and long,
Oh, hear!

By the dawning's tender beam,
By the twilight's westering gleam,
By the soul's enduring dream,
Oh, hear!

By the summer's ardent quest,
And the balm of winter rest,—
By the calm of Nature's breast,
Oh, hear!

By the wonder of thy plan,
By thy boundless gifts to man,—
By thy deathless self, great Pan!
Oh, hear!