The Unconquered Air, and Other Poems (1912)/Cupid and the Muses

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"Revetior illas, mater; nam venerandae sunt, et semper quiddam commeditantur. . ."—Lucian.

Once lovely Venus to her wayward boy—
Her wilful torment and her keen delight—
Spake chidingly:—"Why must you me annoy
With your capricious wiles by day and night?
Perplexing child, display your arts elsewhere:
Turn you to those whom idly now you spare!
Cold in content, and armored in their pride,
Behold the Muses!—let them claim your care!"
To whom the laughing Cupid:—"Nay, I've tried
What ways I know, to move those ladies fair;
But, ah, my mother, they're so occupied!"