Chapter I.



Man, the king of all animals, still grovels in the dust and mire of ignorance, and even his own boasted knowledge often turns and bites, and stings and enervates, and at times even destroys him. Knowledge of evil without the antidote of knowing its vile and destructive influence, is a condition where knowledge becomes a curse. Knowledge of the momentary pleasures which can be obtained by sexual indulgences, without the knowledge of their terrible deleterious influence under certain unnatural conditions, is one of the greatest causes of physical weakness, and the pain, unhappiness and disease that accompany this abnormal condition.

The sexual power of a man indicates with marvelous accuracy his general physical and mental condition. It is the barometer of the physical and nervous organism.


The fiery ardor of a patriot, the intense ambition of an enthusiast, the inspiration that influences noble deeds of valor, the sacrificial spirit that has time and time again caused the world to ring with praises of some hero, all spring from the same nervous energy which supplies the power of sex, the power of manhood.

Name any man famous in the world of literature, of art, or of science, and in nearly every instance he will be found to possess evidence of strong virility. The nervous energy, so necessary to the enormous labor which brought his success, was the same power that controlled his sexual instinct.

"Sexuality has been strongly marked in all the great men who have risen to eminence in all departments of life; without it man would be mean, selfish, sordid and ungracious to his fellowmen and uncivil to womankind. Were it not for this nature which God has implanted in our being, no man would desire to provide for the support of another individual, or enter into a relation which would likely impose upon him the necessity of supporting a family of dependent and growing children. No man becomes affable, gracious and considerate to women until he is renderd so by the awakening of his sexual nature and the quickening of that within him, which, when held under proper discipline and control, renders him noble and unselfish."—Sylvanus Stall, D.D.


The great importance of strong sexual powers cannot be too strongly emphasized. Their influence on life is marvelous. If a fine, vigorous man acquires a complaint that weakens his sexual organs, his powers in every way will begin to decline—his muscles will grow weaker, his nerves will be affected, and unless a change is quickly made, he will soon become a physical wreck. The nervous, sexual, muscular and vital forces are so closely interwoven that what affects one always influences the others in a similar manner. As the muscles are developed and strengthened the nervous and other powers are favorably influenced if wisely used.

The nervous forces depend upon a normal circulation of the blood for their sustenance. Muscular exercise of some kind is absolutely necessary to functional activity of the entire circulatory system.

The mental influence of a strong sexual instinct is seen in all male animals as well as man. It elevates, thrills one with energy, with powers, and no one can for an instant question the conclusion that strength in this way gives a man more power in every walk of life.


It is one of Nature's unfailing laws that the best of her species shall possess the greatest powers of transmitting their kind; and who can for one instant question the conclusion that vigorous sexual powers, temperately and legitimately used, actually brighten and strengthen a man's every faculty, elevate and inspire his every ambition, giving him greater influence and capacity for anything he may attempt in life? But few men by their own efforts have ever accomplished anything of value in life who were not gifted also with a strong sexual instinct.


The importance of retaining the sexual power, of using it wisely and temperately, cannot be over-estimated. It is paramount. Lose your sexual power, lose the power to reproduce your species, and, according to the laws of nature, your days of usefulness are past, and decay and death will soon overtake you.

Impotence sexually means impotence in everything, impotence mentally, physically, socially, etc. Your powers are fast waning—you might just as well be laid away without further notice.