The Whole Prophecies of Scotland, England, Ireland, France & Denmark/Chapter 23

Tycho Brabas' Prediction of the downfal of Popery.

THIS noble Dane, famous for learning, was of ſuch account, that King James the firſt of England, upon his being in Denmark, went to his caſtle of Vraniburg to pay him a viſit, where he wrote theſe verſes is his commendation, viz.

What Phoebus dar'd, or what's by Phaeton done,
To rule the fiery horſes of the ſun;
More Tycho doth, he rules the ſtars above,
And is Uranias' favourite and love.

He tells us, that the light of the goſpel, and purity of religion doth shine out clearly, overcoming the darkneſs of papal error; adding, that we are wow at the heigheſt perfection, and that the power of Antichriſt and the Pope shall decay and be brought to ruin, and God, who ruleth in heaven, allo shall rule all things on earth.