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Reveries over Childhood and Youth
In this book the celebrated Irish author gives us his reminiscences of his childhood and youth. The memories are written, as is to be expected, in charming prose.
"Written in charming simplicity, it records fragmentary memories of the sensitive, imaginative youth of the Irish poet."
— New York Times.

The Hour Glass and Other Plays
"The Hour Glass" is one of Mr, Yeats' noble and effective plays, and with the other plays in the volume, make a small, but none the less representative collection.

Stories of Red Hanrahan
These tales belong to the realm of pure lyrical expression. They are mysterious and shadowy, full of infinite subtleties and old wisdom of folklore, and sad with the gray wistful Celtic sadness.
"Lovers of Mr. Yeats' suggestive and delicate writing will find him at his best in this volume." — Springfield Republican.

Ideas of Good and Evil
Essays on art and life, wherein are set forth much of Yeats' philosophy, his love of beauty, his hope for Ireland and for Irish artistic achievement.

The Celtic Twilight
A collection of tales from Irish life and of Irish fancy, retold from peasants' stories with no additions except an occasional comment.

Unicorn From the Starsand Other Plays

"One of the most ambitious productions of the Irish Theatre."
The Nation.

Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York BY WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS
The Cutting of an Agate
12mo, $1.50 "Mr. Yeats is probably the most important as well as the most widely known of the men concerned directly in the so-called Celtic renaissance. More than this, he stands among the few men to be reckoned with in modern poetry." — New York Herald.

The Green Helmet and Other Poems
Decorated cloth, 12mo, $1.25
The initial piece in this volume is a deliciously conceived heroic farce, quaint in humor and sprightly in action. It tells of the difficulty in which two simple Irish folk find themselves when they enter into an agreement with an apparition of the sea, who demands that they knock off his head and who maintains that after they have done that he will knock off theirs. There is a real meaning in the play which it will not take the thoughtful reader long to discover. Besides this there are a number of shorter poems, notably one in which Mr. Yeats answers the critics of "The Playboy of the Western World."

Lyrical and Dramatic Poems
In Two Volumes
Vol. I. Lyrical Poems, $2.00
Vol. II. Plays (Revised), $2.00
The two-volume edition of the Irish poet's works included everything he has done in verse up to the present time. The first volume contains his lyrics; the second includes all of his five dramas in verse; "The Countess Cathleen," "The Land of Heart's Desire," "The King's Threshold," "On Baile's Strand," and "The Shadowy Waters."

Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York Escape and Fantasy
Cloth, l2mo, $1.00
This is a book of poems written by a man who has a delicate fancy and art. Some of the verse is suggestive of the work of Ralph Hodgson, whose writings have made such a profound impression in this country and in England. All of it shows marked originalily and power.

Recently awarded the Edward de Polignac prize for poetry, Ralph Hodgson is already well known in this country. Those who have read, in the little yellow chap books of the "Flying Fame," "The Song of Honour," "Eve," "The Bull," and others will welcome their publication in this American edition.
"'Eve,' . . The most fascinating poem of our time,"
The Nation.

The New Day
Author of "Streets and Faces"
Boards, 12mo, $1,00
Mr. Middleton'a earlier book, "Streets and Faces," was considered by the New York Post to be one of the four most interesting volumes of poetry published in America during 1917. "The New Day" will perhaps have a wider appeal to poetry lovers. Here are poems dealing with the present hour as well as many purely imaginative songs and lyrics. What the Chicago Tribune said of "Streets and Faces" applies perhaps equally to "The New Day": "Here is exquisite poetry. . . the angle of life is modern yet the poetry somehow makes you feel like "The Golden Treasury."

The Tree of Life
Cloth, l2mo. Preparing
This is a collection of poems setting forth a love experience. Mr. Fletcher is already favorably known, and this book will serve still further to advance his reputation and to strengthen his hold upon the lovers of distinguished work in the poetic field.

Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York