The Works of Charles Dickens

The Works of Charles Dickens  (1897—1900) 
by Charles Dickens

The Gadshill Edition of The Works of Charles Dickens is a 34 volume collection with introductions, general essay, and notes by Andrew Lang, published in 1897—1900.

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

Volume number Volume title
1 The Pickwick Papers, Volume 1
2 The Pickwick Papers, Volume 2 (transcription project)
3 The Adventures of Oliver Twist (transcription project)
4 The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Volume 1 (transcription project)
5 The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Volume 2 (transcription project)
6 Martin Chuzzlewit, Volume 1 (Commons file)
7 Martin Chuzzlewit, Volume 2 (Commons file)
8 Dombey and Son, Volume 1 (transcription project)
9 Dombey and Son, Volume 2 (transcription project)
10 The Old Curiosity Shop, Volume 1 (Commons file)
11 The Old Curiosity Shop, Volume 2 (Commons file)
12 Barnaby Rudge, Volume 1 (Commons file)
13 Barnaby Rudge, Volume 2 (Commons file)
14 David Copperfield, Volume 1 (Commons file)
15 David Copperfield, Volume 2 (Commons file)
16 Bleak House, Volume 1 (Commons file)
17 Bleak House, Volume 2 (Commons file)
18 Christmas Books (transcription project)
19 Little Dorrit, Volume 1 (Commons file)
20 Little Dorrit, Volume 2 (Commons file)
21 A Tale of Two Cities
22 Great Expectations (Commons file)
23 Our Mutual Friend, Volume 1 (transcription project)
24 Our Mutual Friend, Volume 2 (transcription project)
25 Hard Times (Commons file)
26 Sketches by Boz, Volume 1 (transcription project)
27 Sketches by Boz, Volume 2 (transcription project)
28 American Notes and Pictures from Italy (Commons file)
29 The Uncommercial Traveller
30 A child's History of England (transcription project)
31 Christmas Stories, Volume 1 (transcription project)
32 Christmas Stories, Volume 2 (transcription project)
33 The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Master Humphrey's Clock (Commons file)
34 The lamplighter, to be read at dusk and Sunday under three heads (Commons file)