The Writings of Carl Schurz/From Charles F. Howell, May 24th, 1902


New York, May 24, 1902.

We will be greatly obliged if you would favor us with a word or two of advice to college men on the eve of graduation. We reach 100,000 of them; and propose publishing, in our forthcoming commencement issue, brief sentiments of help and suggestion from men who have themselves won name and place. Ten words will answer, if more are unavailable. We feel that much inspiration and genuine assistance may thus be rendered these young men at so critical a juncture of their lives.

In compliance, Mr. Schurz wrote the following sentences:

Learn to understand and develop the practical workings of society. But, while doing so, never lose sight of the ideals of liberty, right and justice, which must inspire and guide our national life in all its phases, to give it high purpose and true dignity. Be practical men, but never be afraid to be called idealists.