The Writings of Carl Schurz/From Charles Francis Adams, Jr., July 16th, 1875

31 Pemberton Square, Boston,
July 16, 1875.

Enclosed is a note from Halstead of some interest. Its views seem to me crisp and sound. Allen's election will be our destruction; his renomination on the rag-money issue was a defiance and insult to us, and his success would render us contemptible. If we don't kill him, he will kill us.

The weapon with which to kill him is the German vote,—it is the only effective weapon at hand, and you are its holder. You must come back in time to strike in just at the close with all the freshness and prestige of your recent German reception. If you could so carry the day, our tide will set,—if not, it is a long and low ebb with us.

I hope you will consider this matter carefully. For myself, I am strongly persuaded that this year it may be well in your power to give the whole shape to next year's Presidential issue, while next year you will at most be only remotely able to influence it. I hope, therefore, you will feel disposed to sacrifice much that you may go in and smash “old Bill Allen.”