The Writings of Carl Schurz/From Charles Sumner, November 15th, 1865

Boston, Nov. 15, 1865.

As soon as such a motion will be proper—immediately after the President's message—I will call for your Report. But I fear embarrassments.

It ought all to be printed with its annexes, as mémoires pour servir.

Chambrun ought to have been with you before now. When he left me, he intended to go, with a slight delay in New York, direct to you.

The President's course is most disheartening. All that I learn shows that he will persevere. Then comes a collision with Congress, and inseparable confusion, and calamity. The way of peace was very plain.

I have an article in the forthcoming Atlantic, entitled “A Curiosity of Literature” but with “a moral” at the end bearing on present affairs.