The Writings of Carl Schurz/To F. W. Bird, April 13th, 1876


New York, April 13, 1876.

I knew I had your hearty sympathy in my great sorrow, and I need not assure you that I prize it. You know very well that for a grief like this there is no real consolation. It must be lived out. The loss of the wife of one's youth is unlike any other bereavement. It is the loss of the best part of one's life. The joys of the past are darkened with mourning, and the future this side of the grave seems aimless and hollow. I shall learn to endure it, I think, and meanwhile fix my eyes upon the duties of life and try to perform them as best I can. I have commenced work again and shall gradually get hardened to it.

I thank you once more for the warm sympathy and friendship your letter expresses. Remember me kindly to Mrs. Bird and your children and believe me

Faithfully yours.