The Writings of Carl Schurz/To Horace Rublee, October 14th, 1860


Buffalo, Oct. 14, 1860.

I received your letter only a few minutes before I left Milwaukee, and my appointments were then already made. I should like to go to Green Bay, but I calculated that in filling an appointment there I would lose two valuable days, which I might make very good use of. The appointments I fixed upon are the following:

Oct.  24 Oak Creek, afternoon.
Milwaukee, evening.
 “ 25 Oshkosh.
 “ 26 Mayville, Dodge county, afternoon or evening.
 “ 27 West Bend, Washington county, afternoon, so that I can get to Milwaukee before Sunday.
 “ 29 Manitowoc, provided there is a boat leaving Milwaukee on Sunday evening.
 “ 30 Sheboygan.
 “ 31 Newburg, Ozaukee county.
Nov.  1 Wauwatosa, afternoon.
Watertown, evening.

The remaining three days I shall speak in Milwaukee county in the afternoon and at different places in the city in the evening. I find that Potter's district is by no means as safe as is generally supposed, and it will require considerable labor to give him as large a majority as he ought to have. Besides, we will do our best to carry Milwaukee county, where the battlefield of the first district will be. The appointments are as many as I can fill and will exhaust my vocal powers to the last gasp. But no matter.

As to expenses, etc., I think it will be by no means extravagant if I ask $15 a day while I am in the field, Oct. 24th inclusive to Nov. 6th. I wish I could offer my services gratis and foot the bills in addition, but unfortunately “les jours des fêtes sont passés”—I am not so situated as to be able to do so.

I am sorry I am obliged to disappoint James Howe. There is no man in Wisconsin whom I would rather endeavor to please, but time is so scarce and the necessities of the campaign so urgent that it could not be done.