The Writings of Carl Schurz/To Miss Emma Allison, January 24th, 1880


Department of the Interior,
, Jan. 24, 1880.

I have received your kind letter of the 12th inst. and beg leave to express to you my sincere thanks for the encouraging sentiments it conveys to me.

Yesterday I had my last interview with Chief Winnemucca and the delegation accompanying him. It gave me the most heartfelt pleasure to comply with all their requests, and they appeared to be completely satisfied. I hope they will now become permanently settled, and if Congress gives me the legislation I have asked for, I expect to be able to make those of them that will occupy land in severalty, proprietors of farm lots in fee simple before I go out of office. I shall do all I can to make such arrangements on the Malheur reservation as will answer that object. They appear to be well meaning people and I shall befriend them as much as I can. I am very glad I have had them here, and they expressed their thankfulness in a very touching manner.

For whatever information you may be kindly disposed to give me concerning the condition and wants of the Indians on the Pacific Coast I shall be much obliged to you.