The letters of John Hus/Letter 41, To John of Chlum

For other English-language translations of this work, see Letter of Jan Hus to John of Chlum (Gracious lord, please get me a Bible).

XLI. To John of Chlum

(Blackfriars, without date: January 1415)

Gracious lord, please get me a Bible, and send it by that trusty man of yours. If your secretary Peter[1] hath any ink, I should like to have it, with some pens and a small inkhorn.

I know nothing either of my Polish servant or of Cardinalis, except that I have news that your lordship is here and in the King’s company. I beg you therefore to entreat his Majesty, both on my own account and for the sake of God Almighty, Who hath so richly endowed him with His gifts; and, further, for the sake of manifesting justice and truth to the glory of God and the welfare of His Church. Entreat him, I say, to release me from imprisonment, so that I may be able to prepare myself for a public hearing. You should know that I have been very ill, and have had clysters applied to me; but I am now well again. Please give my greetings to the Bohemian lords who are at the court of the king. Written with my own hand, which your secretary, Peter, knows.[2] Sent off from prison. May all of you who are my friends remember the Goose!

  1. Mladenowic.
  2. Hus evidently feared forgeries in his name stating that he had recanted, etc.; for a recantation would have suited the Council better than his burning. Cf. p. 147.