The letters of John Hus/Letter 63, To his Bohemian Friends

For other English-language translations of this work, see Letter of Jan Hus to his friends (after 8 June 1415) (3).

LXIII. To his Bohemian Friends

(Without date: shortly after June 8, 1415)

I am very pleased about Peter.[1] I do not keep his letters, but destroy them at once. Big sheets[2] should not be sent to me, for I am afraid of the risk to the messenger and other persons. I beg you for God’s sake to get all the nobles to petition Sigismund in a body for a final hearing, because he was the only one in the Council to say that at the next hearing I should be allowed to reply briefly in writing. His confusion will be great if that promise is unfulfilled.[3] But methinks his word is as little to be trusted as in the matter of the safe-conduct. They told me in Bohemia to beware of that safe-conduct. Others said, “He will hand you over to your enemies.” Lord Mikess Diwoky[4] remarked to me in the presence of Master Jesenicz, “Master, you may take it for certain that you will be condemned.” I imagine he knew the King’s intentions. I thought that God’s law and truth would be his wisdom, only I fancy he has not much wisdom. He passed judgment upon me before my enemies did. If he had only held to the method of the Gentile Pilate who, on hearing the charges, said, “I find no fault in this man,”[5] or, at least, if he had said, “I gave him a safe-conduct; if he doth not wish to abide by the decision of the Council, I will send him back to the King of Bohemia with your verdict and findings, in order that his Majesty, along with his clergy, may pass judgment on him”! Indeed, he sent word to me by Lord Henry Lefl[6] and others that he desired to arrange a satisfactory hearing for me, and if I did not accept the judgment he would send me back again in safety.

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