The story of Jack and the Giants

The story of Jack and the Giants  (1851) 
Engraved by the Brothers Dalziel
Illustrated by Richard Doyle



Jack and the Giants.


Thirty-Five Drawings by Richard Doyle.

Engraved by G. and E. Dalziel.




Printed by Robson, Levey, and Franklyn,
Great New Street, Fetter Lane.

Jack listeneth to Stories of Giants and Fairies Title-page. page
Jack at Rest. Initial 9
The Giant cometh 10
Cormoran carryeth off his Booty 11
Panick of the Shepherd. Initial 13
By Stratagem of a Pit Jack killeth the Giant Cormoran Frontispiece
The Justices present unto Jack a Sword and Belt 15
A Giant looketh out for Jack. Initial 19
The deceitful Civility of the Welsh Giant 21
He partaketh of this Pudding with Jack 23
Jack measureth with the Legs of a Giant. Initial 25
Jack alarmeth his Three-headed Uncle 28
Jack delivereth the Lady from the Enchanter 29
Jack is dubbed a Knight by King Arthur 30
He is accoutred by Ladies. Initial 31
He discovereth a Giant above the Trees 32
Jack slayeth the Giant, and delivereth a Knight and his Lady 33
Jack setteth his foot on the Giant’s neck. Initial 35
The Giant’s Brother awaiteth his return 37
The Knight and his Lady thank Jack for their delivery 38
Jack releaseth the captive Ladies 39
A pale Herald interrupteth the Feast 41
The Stratagem of Jack with Giant Thundel 45
Jack maketh sport of Him, and draggeth Him out of the Moat 46, 47
His Head goeth to Court 49
The Lady of the Knight. Initial 50
The Giant Galligantus 51
Jack passeth the Fiery Griffins 52
Destruction of Galligantus 53
Jack goeth with Company to Court 55
Jack slaketh his Thirst at the end of his Labours 56